1. BluFalcon

    Diesel VEKTR (by Monster)

    According to the email I got today... "If your eyes could hear, this is what music would look like." [donning mud-slinging suit]
  2. dleblanc343

    Little brother absolutely wants beats for Christmas. Refuses Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, PSB, Focal and V-Moda

    So my 11 year old brother and his friend come up to me the other day and his friend asks me "Is it true, do you really have 3 ~1500$ headphones?" And I say yes, why? He wanted to know if it's true that beats aren't good for the price, and I told him.   But my brother (knowing that beats are...
  3. HiFiGuy528

    "First Look" Monster Inspiration & Diesel VEKTR by Monster headphones unboxing video & Impressions to come

    Just got these two new headphones from Monster.  They look amazing.  Take a look for yourself.  Stay tuned for my impressions and review.      
  4. crinacle

    New Monster headphones: First Impressions

    Thought it might be useful to start a thread on these new headphones, considering that there is a generally lack on information on them here on Head-Fi.   Pretty much, the current line-up of standalone Monster headphones are as follows:   NCredible NTune Type: On-ear Retail Price...
  5. Monster® Diesel Vektr On-Ear Headphones

    Monster® Diesel Vektr On-Ear Headphones

    Vektr super-light, ultra-performance headphones are a groundbreaking collaboration between legendary Italian fashion designer, Diesel, and Monster. A scientifically backed assault on your senses, these Diesel Noise Division phones change the way you listen to music and even your perception of...