Mojo Mystique EVO Pro D/A Converter

John Massaria

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Mojo Audio Mystique Evo Pro R2R Dac non over sampling Direct Coupled DAC
Pros: You may cry when you hear how good this DAC sounds, widest sound stage I have ever heard of any system, image and pinpoint accuracy is beyond anything I have heard to date- organic sound that nearly surpasses even the best record players I have heard (that includes Rockport and Walker turntables without record drawbacks like clicks and pops, plus of course digital has no wear and tear like LPs so in my book I would sell all my records/players and stylus finally! and live happily ever after with this Mojo Evo Pro- I never felt this way until now), Lives and breathes like nothing I ever heard, rhythmic and engaging like no other piece of audio gear I ever heard in any show room or home or studio, staccato is beyond words- not missing a beat a pluck of a string or strum of a guitar- everything sounds as close to being there than anything I ever heard - how can this be? revealing and organic all rolled into one that has so many layers I can not begin to describe it- musical and organic take on new meanings for me, no words can explain the hair raising experience, sonorous while composing bass like no other DAC I ever heard period, sweet, clear and full of detail that the newest cutting edge delta sigma DAC can never produce, jeez this is going to be a long review or really short- either way I am emotional over this DAC and need to stop typing and just listen and loose myself in the music
Cons: You may cry when you hear how much this DAC costs- pure analog organic digital free sound perfection does have a price, when my Ray Samuels Apache volume is more than 1:00 the DAC has some slight hiss coming through when not playing any music- I am checking into this anomaly as the owner of Mojo says there should be no hiss what so ever and I know my RSA is dead silent. CORRECTION the hiss is from the high gain input of the settitng I used on the Apache - I since set it to LOW gain and there is no hiss what so ever. The Sound Devices hooked directly to the Mojo Mystique Evo Pro proves the DAC is silent and it was my fault 100%. This DAC only one draw back and that is the price... nothing else.. SOME people may say no blue tooth, no Is2 or no digital display and no remote is a con and to that I say you just do not get it man until you hear this... none of that will mater when you just listen to this.... you will just imagine ways of coming up with cash to buy it so your journey for ultimate musical bliss is finally over the buck stops here... impossibly good


Mojo Audio Mystique Evo Pro R2R
non over sampling Direct Coupled DAC

"Because algorithms can't appreciate music.

With no pre- or post-digital filtering, digital noise shaping, upsampling, oversampling, or error-correcting algorithms, our digital signal path is the purest possible. This is not true of many so-called R-2R designs that still incorporate algorithms for noise shaping and error correction."

It's only been at my home for 48 Hours and I will add to this as I try different streaming services, streamers, CD players, transports from Esoteric and CEC and at other locations to include "The Mix Music Palace" in Garden City NY and in/at a few friends homes in NYC and around Long Island - please book mark this as I continue.

I also plan on capturing the sound and do direct comparisons recorded by a Sound Devices professional recorder.
I will also be doing a video review to come much latter...

-John Massaria


Some of my headphones/IEMs I am using for DAC Review

4-19-21 9:28pm - I have been struggling to convey the emotion of sound and my impression of what I am hearing- so I devised a laborious test -it will be up soon...


I am using the direct XLR line out of the Mojo Mystique EvoPro (using the Grimm SQM XLR cable) connected directly to my Sound Devices Professional Recorder - considered one of the finest professional recorders on the planet even today. I set the SD recorder to 24bit 192k however- I have not recorded anything yet- I am selecting music for the test carefully and methodically while enjoying the F$CK out of this DAC... way beyond words and thats why I am pulling out all the stops for this review...

I briefly hooked up the Topping D90 directly to the Sound Devices Recorder and wanted to throw it (the D90) in the garbage. The differences are not subtle. I hope to convey the differences in the recording.... stand by as I perfect this and the song selections...




-John M

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