Ming Da MC84C07 MK II

General Information

We took a great amp, customer input and advice from headphone manufacturers and
created a headphone - amplifier combo, that for the money, is one of the best out there.
The MC84C07 MK II has pushed the sonic qualities of the previous MC84C07 to the limit
with upgraded power supply, upgraded tubes and audiophile grade parts that are the
same quality of some of our best amplifiers. We included an high / low headphone switch
that makes the amp more versatile to drive headphones as low as 8 ohms and enough
power to drive headphone as high as 600 ohms!

The MC 84C07 still has a quality amplifier with enough gain to drive headphones and a
small set of high efficiency speakers. It is truly a great head map for the money and
makes a great amp for a bedroom, den or dorm room. Wonderful solid cherry wood front
panel makes it very spouse friendly.

The two EL84 tubes provide amplification and two 12AX7s are input drivers. Watch the
Disney “Cats Eye” 6E2 tube rectify and “dance” to the music as it also provides the amp
with an output meter. The Single Ended Triode Class A, SET, performance out of the EL84
sounds much louder than it actually is. This amp has plenty of gain and muscle to drive
the fussiest headphones to satisfying levels.

Six watts per channel output for you EL84 fans, enables the amp to drive speakers of 90
SPL or greater to satisfying levels in even in some of the largest rooms. The sound is open
wide and dynamic. The dynamics play a big role in this amps ability to deliver the sense of a
“live” performance through a set of headphones.


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