Milian Acoustics 3 Ft. 3 Pin XLR OFC Balanced DAC, Preamp & Headphone Amplifier Premium Patch Cable Interconnect

General Information

For professionals, there is only one choice when it comes to connecting live stage, studio, and DJ equipment. XLR connectors are standardized male to female audio cable connectors, with the ability to transmit both balanced and unbalanced signals. Also used in connecting microphones, even the cheapest balanced microphone will benefit from well built hand made audiophile interconnects. With balanced XLR, signal loss long cables usually suffer from are no longer a problem. With optimal common mode noise rejection, ultra pure oxygen free conductors, and foam polypropylene dielectric insulation, this cable can run lengths up to 150 and higher. What are xlr connectors used for? Our xlr audio interconnect cables will work wonderfully with any home stereo preamps or av preamp with balanced outputs, sacd player xlr multichannel, the finest custom built stereo tube amplifiers, mixing consoles, all standard xlr microphone pinouts, and all other receivers with xlr outputs. If you are looking for an xlr connector with off switch, right angle XLR connector, or an xlr cable 200 foot or longer, please contact us with your needs, and we will be happy to meet them! Need this cable for multiple channels? Get 10% off or more by buying a multichannel cable set. Go to our custom made audio cable builder or contact us for special pricing.


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