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Headphoneus Supremus
Artfully Designed, Tastefully Delivered . . . but sonically not for me
Pros: stellar workmanship, top-tier comfort, meaty sonic textures for a planar, remarkably expansive soundstage
Cons: rolled off/disproportionately diminished at the LF and HF extremes, not top-tier with respect to resolution: inability to properly delineate musical elements otherwise operating at the same volumetric levels and tonal degrees
NOTE: I had previously owned, and subsequently sold, the Empyrean prior to being inducted into the Northeast US Tour. The second time around proved a reprieve, not a reprise, for these headphones.

Without reciting my already itemized pros and cons verbatim, I will simply state that at some point in all of my headphone listening sessions, I cannot help but become a critical listener. And that ultimately signals the downfall of the Meze Empyrean in my ears.

. . . luxurious tonality, incredibly large soundstage [but without airiness--go figure] notwithstanding.

My best listening set-up included an after market UPOCC pure silver cable, Chord DAC and hybrid headphone amplifier [3x 6SN7 + 2x Toshiba MOSFETs]: massive--think clear December night sky--soundstage.

Deficient/disproportionately diminutive at the frequency extremes. End of the Empyrean's tenure.
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