Meier Corda XXS

General Information

From the energy of two small batteries a portable CD- or MP3-player nowadays feeds us with over 30 hrs of music. However, the use of a supply voltage of just 3V has its price as far as sound quality is concerned. Many headphones require quite a high signal to obtain reasonable sound levels. The supply voltage of 3V of modern portables simply doesn't provide enough "juice" to drive these headphones properly and sound quality is rather poor.

The CORDA XXS is a portable headphone amplifier meant to "replace" the standard headphone socket of your player. It has an internal supply voltage of 9V and thus much better driving capacities. Connecting this amp to you portable will simply make your headphone sound better.

Volume control and sockets can be found on the front of the amp so it can be used while being carried in a pocket or a small bag.

The knob to set the volume is relatively small and will not rotate easily while accidently being touched by clothes or arm.

The metal enclosure of the MOVE is very sturdy and to absorb any excess pressure on the connectors these are placed slightly recessed in the front plate.

The circuitry inside needs very little current and the amplifier runs for upto approximately 100 hrs on a single 9V battery. To prevent unintended current drain the amp has a LED-powerindicator.

To save batteries and to increase sound quality at home an external powersupply can be connected with a supply voltage up to 12V DC.


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