1. Gday

    Best Headphone Amp under £250 for an iPod/HD600 combo?

    Any advice much appreciated! :D At the moment I have a portable Meier Corda SXX amp but its no good at the lower volumes & I don't want to go deaf! I started with the HD600 because a lot of my music is classical & I can't afford the HD800 haha The iPod Classic lets me shuffle through 18000...
  2. Jan Meier

    The past and the future of Meier-Audio

    Dear headfellows,   People who check my website more frequently may have noticed that over the last few months various models became sold-out and have not yet been replaced. This has led to many speculations and questions whether or not I will continue to produce headphone-amplifiers.  ...
  3. Cole-Gauthier

    Grace M902 or Corda Symphony 2

    Hi there guys!   I am torn between these amps, would you guys be able to help me out choosing. I own the Denon AH-D7000. I'll running this amp out of my X-Fi Elite pro and of course only flac.    P.S: 1 or 2 more paychecks and I will be able to buy one or the other. :)   Thanks...
  4. pimmedoris

    Would an amp improve my sound that much?

    Hi all, I'm new here and pretty much a noob in the audiophile-area. My gear consists of an Ipod Nano 2G and some Shure SCL2 (E2C) headphones. Usually I listen to music in lossless format. I often come across people on forums who claim that the headphone out on an Ipod is rubbish and that...
  5. AVU

    iphone/portable amp size comparison

    Just mocked this up in photoshop and thought people might be interested. It's just a simple overlay of an Iphone 3gs with the various good small portable amps superimposed on the back - the ALO Rx, RSA Tomahawk, iBasso T3, Pico Slim, and RSA Shadow. The Corda XXS is identical in width and...
  6. Professor00179

    Corda Swing and Beyers DT880/600?

    Hi head-fiers!   You might remember me when I asked you what headphones will sound good with classical or when I was choosing some budget AMP. Since that time I have raised a bit more cash and now plan to build 'proper' system.   During last 2 weeks I did research to find out more about...
  7. musman

    Help with choosing AMP!

    I have Nationite S: flo2 and UE 10 help me with choose a good AMP I liked mini3 CORDA XXS and 3MOVE, Headstage Arrow 12HE  Ibasso d4 You advise? =)
  8. funfunlove

    Minibox e+,Corda xxs or Ibass P3 for Monster Turbine Pro Copper?

    Anyone who can tell me which apm shall choose for my Copper?   Many thanks!   BTW, it's my first post here ^_^
  9. mythless

    Help with Amp Recommendation

    Hey Guys,   Don't know if I should be posting the Computer Thread, but I am looking for a good, decently powerful, somewhat compact and budget minded amp (~$150CAD) to be hooked up to my computer through my sound card.  New or used, I'm fine with either.  I'm new to the whole non-portable...
  10. ddoingwell

    A New Hybrid from Indeed Hi-Fi Labs: does this look fun?

    Valve Headphone Pre Amplifier Class A MP3 ipod Laptop X - eBay (item 260368823526 end time Mar-08-09 15:16:07 PDT) I know squat about specs but I do know that my Indeed Hi-Fi Labs tube buffer with the same ECC88 tube and the same look sounds really good in my mid-fi system of Rega Brio amp...
  11. Bengkia369

    Pico (fat version) Vs Corda XXS

    which one is more suitable for classical and instrumental music?
  12. Szadzik

    My Amp Reasearch - Need Help Deciding

    All,   I have been researching the subject of buying an amp for a very long time.    I still have ATH-ESW9s and Sennheiser MX980s playing out of a Sony X-1060 as my portable setup, will probably be gettnig HD25-1(II) to see if I like them more than the ESW9s some time in the future too...
  13. Meier Corda XXS

    Meier Corda XXS

    From the energy of two small batteries a portable CD- or MP3-player nowadays feeds us with over 30 hrs of music. However, the use of a supply voltage of just 3V has its price as far as sound quality is concerned. Many headphones require quite a high signal to obtain reasonable sound levels. The...