Pitch perfect. Custom-built, laser-tuned drivers are housed inside computer-optimized dual...

Logitech UE 6000

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  • Pitch perfect.

    Custom-built, laser-tuned drivers are housed inside computer-optimized dual acoustic chambers. The result is a wide-open soundstage and a remarkable level of detail in all your music. The detachable cable is designed to reduce tangling and friction so that you can focus on the music and nothing else.

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  1. Malfunkt
    "Good clarity, but darkish presentation masks some otherwise good technicalities. Stock tuning great for 'fun' beat driven music, with EQ it is better"
    Pros - Low second hand prices, somewhat loose but very rumbly bass, clarity, nice seal, pretty comfy, folds up neatly into a stylish bag, good for low volume
    Cons - somewhat loose but very rumbly bass, downward sloped tuning, amp and NC mode not really needed but okay
    Well I have the UE6000s on my head and the 7520s in front of me and I've been switching back and forth. 
    I purchased the UE6000s for about $65 CAD shipped! That is like, what a can of beans in the US? Definitely a great deal and lower than what I usually see them go for.
    This review is also in comparison to a the Sony MDR-7520 which is one of the best studio closed cans I've had the pleasure of using. The MDr-7520 is like a very refined and balanced MDR-1R
    Recently, I let a coworker listen to my 7520s , and immediately he was like "ugh, I don't like that its really hollow'. Then he went on to praise the music app on my Iphone saying he has never heard music so clear.  I just looked at him and smiled wryly, trying to explain there was little difference in the music app, what he really was hearing was the upper harmonic detail of the 7520s that is just rolled off on so many consumer devices. The thing is we all get so used to our preferences. 
    Sound Comparison.
    My quick assessment of the UE6000, oh my, these are not neutral at all, yet still clear. The bass is definitely dominant and loose. The high end is also rolled off. Again, clarity or the perception of clarity  is there, but information is missing. The result is pretty warm phone. 
    Overall, the 7520 is a massive upgrade over the UE6000 as far as balance, clarity, bass solidity, mid-range presentation. I put its dynamic driver technicalities up there with the HD650, maybe a bit higher. 
    Also, I don't think the amp or NC on the UE6000 has any real benefit. It does bring more excitement to the higher-end and the low-end. Can be fun for a bit on some genres. It's not as overblown as say something like the MDR-XB950BT.
    Passively, the UE6000 is nowhere near the efficiency of the 7520. You have to crank it a fair bit.
    The UE6000 has plenty of rumble though, and its pretty fun. The 7520 will still go very low, pay no attention to some graph measurements that show it rolled off on the bass, that is the Z1000, the 7520 has plenty of bass. The UE6000 sounds tubby in comparison. Drum 'n' bass, dubstep that is well-produced just tears it up on the 7520.
    Frankly, really surprised that a number of reviewers have said the UE6000 is flat or neutral. I mean in a way it is, it is just  a downward ski slope. 
    If it sounds like I'm completely dumping on the UE6000 I'm not entirely. It is more of a 'fun' headphone. You can even listen to acoustic music and I've thrown on some classical pieces, but its still like listening with cotton balls in your ears. 7520, vocals, and a whole range of instrumentation come alive. If the UE6000 is your reference, it may be a bit of shock going to the 7520 or another monitoring can. They are more forward than both my LCD2 and HD650 but still sound natural and organic. Somehow the highend of the 7520 is never piercing, but it also is not as smooth as the 650.
    Hope my friend like these [​IMG] was hoping for a bit more tonal neutrality. 
    From memory I thought the dimensions of the ear pads were bigger, hoping these would be comfier than my 7520s. Surprisingly, while the 7520 is not as plush, it has more space to fit your ears. Still the UE6000 is soft enough that even being on top of your ears, it sits well. The 7520 seals very well and stays on your head. 
    Build quality:
    Well the UE6000 has some loose plastic bits, and is a little clattery. The 7520 has magnesium cups and a solid simple metal band. The 7520s flaw is that the cup holders are plastic and their housings can be downright squeaky. You can easily open it up and lube these components if its an issue. Otherwise, the 7520 is an awesome portable.
    Isolation: I think the UE6000 is pretty good, and might isolate a bit more than the 7520.
    The UE6000 is still a good headphone. The bass has a very good quality. I'm listening to it right now and you can kinda sink into them. They are pretty easy listen. 
    BTW - I can EQ the UE6000 and it responds very well. Enough to push them into a much higher quality. The 7520 just start out that way without any adjustment needed.
    Edit: and the UE6000 leak quite a bit more than the 7520. Which is weird as it seems like the isolate a bit more. weird but confirmed by girlfriend sitting nearby.
    Update: I increased my rating of them a smidge, But still feel these are overly dark. This was after spending some quality time with them right out of an O2 / ODAC. These are consumer headphones done right. For the small purchase price these go used, they are steal. After you adjust to their somewhat murky dark signature, they really do have a lot of depth. Still a little coloured and a bit cloudy, but really, if someone isn't too picky this can be their end-game closed headphone. Diminishing returns could start around here, and depending on what you paid for the UE6000 it could be $50 USD! 
    Definitely a fun headphone, and I may be tempted to get one myself.
  2. Sp12er3
    "Old but gold"
    Pros - A steal with its feature set; solid build; more comfortable than most; balanced sound in passive mode; ANC can also act as bass boost
    Cons - lack of Warranty; no extra cable for home use, black color is fingerprint magnet, hoping for more forward mids
    Originally published in my blog,tertulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia: https://randomnessdotco.wordpress.com/2016/07/21/logitechue6000review/
    How the story goes:
    I find this headphone, which were hyped up to be a Beats Studio 2.0 killer back in 2013, on a pretty sweet deal of $36, with all the feature set it has, ANC, folding design, removable 3.5mm cable, I figures, Why The Hell not? and click the buy button on reflex, Short 2 days later a courier arrive knocking at my front door at 18 p.m. "Now, how does this one fares" was what i think
    Company Background, UE (Ultimate Ears) used to mainly do business in Professional lvl IEM, founded by Jerrry Harvey, they used to work together with various companies like Shures and Westone, with them they has their various up and downs until recently at 2008 they were acquired as a subsidiary of Logitech for a $46 million deal, after that they went silent for a bit, until at 2013 they release a slew of product line, ranging from Wireless Portable speakers, IEMs and a closed headphone, together with its brothers, UE4000 (on ear non ANC) and 9000 (ANC with Bluetooth APT-X connectivity) Since then there's no revision for the Logitech Closed headphone, with low sales seems to be the case, the chance for a successor in near future seems low, does the performance reflect it's sad track record though? I guess we can find out
    Packaging and Accessories:
    AdobePhotoshopExpress_28ef78691d3f40349b372871caeb8ace.jpg WP_20160717_18_46_45_Pro.jpg WP_20160717_18_47_38_Pro.jpg
    The UE6000 comes inside a box inside an outer cover that's printed with picture of the headphone and specs on the back side. First time handling it I feel that it's quite weighty for a small box, and voila, Logitech actually use quite a solid box to protect the UE6000 from any damage when transporting, very different than 2 of headphone box I've ever has the chance to open (AT M series, and Grado Prestige), It has magnet clasp design that opens up its upper flaps, so it might actually be good for a display case on top of a desk.
    Inside we will find the UE6000 nestled inside its soft travel case, a short 1.2m cable with 3.5mm TRRS audio jack on both side, with the one angled at 90 degrees, equipped also with Apple Compatible volume control and play-pause + mic definitely designed for portable use, no second cable for home use and the lastly, an Audio Jack splitter that works alright. On the flap is all the warranty papers (expired of course), user manual and other formalities.
    WP_20160717_18_48_40_Pro.jpg WP_20160717_18_49_33_Pro.jpg
    The cable, as you can see is blue, both for black and white version, it uses rubber jacket and doesn't retain memory, there's a black label attached to the cable to explain just how deep the cable must be plugged to ascertain stable connection, overall a good cable without much of a fuss
    The travel case is made of soft fabric with little reinforcement, only foam here and there to relieve the headphone from minor damage like scratches, it also has small pocket to hold the cable when the headphone is stored inside, as it's small the headphone need  to be folded in to fit, just the way it is when it came from the factory too. The zipper also has protection against forceful opening, and you can install small lock if you desire, won't prevent a thief from cutting his way in, but at least it'll be safe from the hands of chummy friend that like to borrow your stuff without your permission [​IMG]
    WP_20160721_13_33_36_Pro.jpg AdobePhotoshopExpress_4f4a3e52059d4e139076ab320750954c.jpg WP_20160721_12_53_42_Pro.jpg
    Feeling impatient after checking other things one by one, we finally go to the star of the show, The UE6000, nestled inside the soft travel case it looks so premium, way above the price I pay for it, the construcition is solid,it uses metal on its headband adjustment and folding mechanism with satisfying "click" sound when adjusting, other parts is plastic, glossy on the earcup and doff on the headband side
     I've seen few cases of the headband becoming spoiled after months of disuse, so better take care of it. The padding on the headband is plush and quite broad, ensuring comfort on every part of the crown of the head that get into contact with it, the pads themselves is also plush and generous, actually shaped like a human ear, mine easily fits inside without any part get pressed on. The build quality justify the price it used to sell at, $199, and for the price I paid for it, it's basically a steal.
    WP_20160721_12_53_25_Pro.jpg WP_20160721_12_52_46_Pro.jpg WP_20160721_12_53_13_Pro.jpg
    Now to the nitty gritty of the headphones, the left cup houses the battery, 2 AAA battery, the way to open it is by pressing the button located on the underside of the cup, the enclosure is non removable so it ensure you won't lost or break it somehow. the battery has been advertised to last for 40+ hours of ANC mode, quite generous if I may say, will be long before i need to change it. On the right earcup is where the cable plugs in, quite unlike the norm, and on the top side is the on-off switch, with LED indicators that turn green when it's in use with good battery condition, the LED turns red when battery is low and need to be replaced/ recharged. The siwtch powers on the built in amp and ANC functionality that will affect the sound, on that topic, lets plug in the cable and hear how they sound
    Sony Multiflip 13> Fiio Q1> UE6000 for amped desktop scenario
    Fiio M3> UE6000 for un amped portable scenario
    test also will be varied by ANC on-off
    1) Unamped with ANC Off: Volume for enjoyable listening is at least 27/60, will reach 31/60 depending on environmental noise, It has warm sound with kicking bass, mids is a bit recessed, but not far behind, and treble that's a bit soft with roll off on the highest frequency. The most prominent really is its bass, very fun and exciting. I don't care about environment noise at all with its already great passive noise isolation
    2) Unamped   with ANC On: Both the bass and Treble got lifted up, with much more quantity in the bass it reaches deeper but also more bloated and less controlled, mids feels even more recessed as the bass is shoving it to the side, also on the treble there's more sparkle, overall the sound become more U shaped, on this mode, there's also a need to lessen the volume with all the help the built in amp gives
    3) Amped with ANC Off: just like un amped, but with the treble lifted up for every volume increase, overall if properly amped it sound balanced, very fun and engaging, making the listener want to do some headbanging, toe tapping and even dancing! This is the best scenario at which I like to listen the UE6000 :)
    4) Amped with ANC On: Even more forward bas and treble, honestly it can be a bit overwhelming, some basshead may like it, me? not really...
    For some, ANC mode may give way too much bass, but on the other hand Basshead will love it, but that's just the versatiliy of the UE6000, it can give you a bass boost on just a flip of a switch , this function may not satisfy audiophile that want to enjoy quality music, but it can work beautifully when used for other scenario, gaming and movie watching for example, it just gives more of that Ooomph that's needed on explosions and gunshot blaring, overall more immersive. So I say don't just dismiss this as a gimmick, the switch also help to drive the headphone from non powerful sources, true that the sound change a little bit, but what's important is for you to get an enjoyable listening volume without introducing distortion by over pushing your source isnt it?
    ANC test:
    You can hear the hiss of the ANC working, it's unescapable when listening to it in quieter environment while listening to music with many silent passages like acoustic etc, but on music with richer tones and inside a crowd of cars and people talking you won't even hear it,  In my opinion it's better to turn the ANC off on quiet room as it sounds better and save more battery life for crowded, more hectic activities later on.
    The ANC, when compared to higher priced models like Plantronic Backbeat Pro, Sony MDR ZX770BN, and Beats Studio 2.0 that I've tested before, it certainly is lacking, the UE eliminates sound on low frequencies with much narrower window, you can feel it working only on constant sounding low frequencies, like humming of AC, hub bub of traffic, falling rainfalls, etc. it also as usual isn't good at taking care sudden unexpected noise like babies crying or falling object, etc, the great passive isolation,  when combined with its enhanced bass section on ANC mode UE6000 will more than enough to prevent environment noise from disturb your music listening enjoyment when you're out and about.
    Very short subjective comparison (can't do A-B ing, as I doesn't own them, only by memory)
    Compared with Sony MDR ZX770BN, the Sony is more of a "sleeper" headphone that really trying hard not to be offensive for long duration of listening… some will love it, some don't for me it's unremarkable, the UE has it trumped in sheer enjoyment, tigher bass, better highs.
    With Beats Studio 2.0: the Beats has the UE "beat", The studio has clearer  Mids and treble, Bass is dramatic, quantatively and qualitatively (equal mid than sub bass)  treble energy is quite nice, it’s a fun, exciting one.
    So for me it goes Beats 2.0>UE6000>Sony MDR ZX 770BN, but that is only sound, the Sony has overall plasticky build, and actually sound worse when ANC is activated, it has bluetooth APTX though, so if that what you're looking for go get em, The Studio 2.0 has overall better sound, yes but it only works in ANC mode that can't be turned off, it has no passive mode and uses micro usb to charge its battery that only last for 20 hours, the gloss build on the standart version is also quite fingerprint prone, the UE beat them both is versatility, comfort is overall it manage to equal, rivaling, even beat some in sound. All of that, as you can see come with great difference in price  [​IMG]
    Round up:
    UE6000 is a headset for people who like their bass ot be deep, but also fast and controlled, not covering vocals and instruments, it won't make your ear feel fatigued even when your crank the voume up on noisy areas with its warm sound signature. UE 6000 is a perfect Fulsize closed over ear for you that demands comfort and isolation without sacrificing on sound quality and portability, that, together with ANC, music control+mic, and foldable design is a combo that's hard to get on such a low price, you better get one while it last!
    N.B its bigger brother, UE9000 is a better build coupled with bluetooth connectivity it essentially has same sound. Everything I say here applies there, just differ in buil (those fold flat rather than in, and the connectivity, proven by InnerFidelity review as well, if you find one in under $150 it actually is a pretty sweet deal too [​IMG] 
    Made a foam cutouts for the base of the box, now i can tuck it away when I'm away from home for a while, I know its a shoddy job, but enough for me as long as the UE and my other headphone fit in it [​IMG]
    P8042821.jpg P8042819.jpg
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  3. Bad Wolf
    "A consumer-friendly headphone that will also please the discerning audiophile. Cheap."
    Pros - Luscious, deep bass. Warm, smooth, relatively clear mids. Beautiful design. Inoffensive sound signature.
    Cons - Weak NC, Treble is a little too dark for my tastes.
    Sound - Let's start off with the most important category.The sound is so smooth and warm, like a warm glass of milk. It's really quite comforting. They really work well with most genres. In Radiohead's "I Might Be Wrong", the bass line tickles the left ear with depth and decent detail, while the guitar occupies the right side with intimacy. While the snare sounds a little dull and Thom's vocals seem lacking in texture and timbre, it is not at all offensive. The treble is very laid back on these headphones. Too dark sounding in a lot of cases. An equalizer will help. On the other end of the musical spectrum, Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child" sounds exciting and spacious. The song distinctly sounds like it's coming from inside a club. The bass rolls along with power, yet nothing seems drowned out. And this is all with the headphones powered off. Flick he little switch on the right ear cup, they will bring out your inner basshead. It really brings out all of the low rumblies in the music you might not have heard before. Although, it does start to sound loose and it does start to have a significant effect on the mids. Overall, if you like warm sound with great bass, look no further.
    Comfort - If you have a large head, big ears, and wear glasses, be warned. Despite the soft memory foam pads, they are always pressing my glasses against my skull. After watching a movie with them, I need a break. Also, my ears don't quite fit inside the headphones. They kind of just sit on top of my ears. However, I still manage to get a good seal with ease.
    Build/Looks - Obviously, these are meant to appeal to millennials, such as myself. With design cues from the very successful Beats line, these, to me, are an attractive set of cans. They will be noticed if worn out in public. The build quality is excellent. The outside of the headband is covered in a soft touch rubber material. Unfortunately, it is a fingerprint magnet. The cups are plastic with metal accents. The inside of the Headband is made of thick aluminum that is quite strong.
    Noise Cancelling - Don't think of this as a main feature, but more of an extra. The noise cancelling pales in comparison to most other NC headphones. It will help get rid of the rumbling of the bus of train, but it won't do much else. However, the headphones themselves without NC are excellent at blocking out sound. Another thing that the noise cancelling does is increase the bass. A lot. The bass becomes subwoofer-like. You'll either love it or hate it. It makes movies more exciting and has the same effect on Electronic music. 
    Wrap-Up - Overall, these are great headphones. The smooth, warm sound is enticing and its good looks and build are a good touch. Excellent buy, especially for ~$70.

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