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Audiophile In-Ear Headset with 3-button iPhone/iPod control and superior Comfort, Noise Isolation &...

Klipsch Image X10i Audiophile Noise-Isolating Headset with 3-button Apple Control (Copper)

  • Audiophile In-Ear Headset with 3-button iPhone/iPod control and superior Comfort, Noise Isolation & Sound

Recent Reviews

  1. VeXun
    Klipsch sent me these for free!
    Written by VeXun
    Published Aug 11, 2011
    Pros - Amazing sound, Aesthetically pleasing, Lightweight
    Cons - Rubber strain relief has split on both pairs I own, at high volume with hip-hop the bass gets very distorted...
    I received a pair of these from klipsch for free because I had to replace my s4's 4 times because of the rubber strain relief splitting so I ended up getting these x10i's and am having the same strain relief issue, I emailed the guy from Klipsch to let him know what happened and he sent me a new pair and told me to mail him the pair that was messed up, he told me he would make me a label, so I got the new pair in the mail and emailed him to let him know to make the label and I haven't heard from him since then and I have emailed him 3 times.. They sound amazing but with hip-hop and other types of music like that at high volume the bass and mids get distorted with both pairs. Is this normal??
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    2. VeXun
      Hey thanks for the response, I am hoping that both of my x10i's aren't defective, with electronic music and most rock I can turn them up max volume and they sound perfect but with low frequencies it sounds like they bottom out and it sounds god awful until I turn it down then it sounds amazing.. I have the image s4's and s4i's and they didn't have this issue.. for a 350$ pair of headphones you think they would set it up so there is a limit to how loud you can turn it up so you don't have to experience this type of distortion which completely degraded the listening experience, I picked up a pair of monster i-beats which sound amazing for hip-hop and techno. I exchanged my s4i's for the ibeats because I figure the x10i's would replace the s4's well which they did except for the distortion. Do the image x5's have this issue?? Also have you heard of the strain relief splitting issue? I have the new version that was supposed to fix it and the rubber ends up getting rubbed off and splits no matter how good of care I take care of them it eventually happens..
      Thanks for your feedback , I have been meaning to post these questions for a long time so I can really eager to hear some feedback.
      VeXun, Aug 11, 2011
    3. sneaglebob
      How is the bass response? is it booming or something less?
      sneaglebob, Jan 15, 2012
    4. VeXun
      The bass response isn't boomy, it's perfect, there is easily enough bass but not too much. The Klipsch image s4's are more boomy these are just well balanced but they are not durable, mine are falling apart and I never abuse them, ever.
      VeXun, Jan 16, 2012
  2. Proff1
    Klipsch X10i
    Written by Proff1
    Published Feb 28, 2011
    Pros - Size, comfort
    Cons - Cost for how much headphone you get
    I admit that these are my first pair of IEMs That did not come free with an iPod, but the reason for this is part of the Klipsch benefits; I have what must be the smallest ear canals in the world, I have never been able to find and IEMs that fit me.
    These have done the job, the fit is perfect and for me the sound quality is well worth it


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