Kimber Mini BUS USB Audio Cable

General Information

The good folks over at Utahs Kimber Kable have kindly addressed the audiophiles USB digital-signal dilemma how to get killer audio performance from a computers digital USB connection. Their beefy, highly-upgraded USB cabling features 6.1 silver-plated signal conductors and utilizes the largest gauge possible under USB specifications for the signal power conductors. A nitrogen-infused polyethylene signal conductor diaelectric with ferrite noise-reduction beads further helps to ensure digital signal conductivity and integrity and minimizes data stream interference. We hear just a slightly more natural, tightly-focused, and open sound with the Kimber compared to a basic USB cable.The Kimber Kable MiniBus USB cable is terminated with a Type-A host plug on one end and a mini-B type connector on the other for use with our HeadRoom amplifiers DACs USB inputs and is available in various lengths. The Kimber B-Bus USB cable is terminated with an Type-A connector to a standard-size B-type plug on the other end.


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