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Earhook Bluetooth 5.1 Upgrade Cable

Suitable for kbear kz blon


Bluetooth 5.1


HD Mic

6 Hours

Low Power

3 Optional Sizes

0.78MM 2PIN

Compatible with Mainstream 2PINs





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New Head-Fier
Turn your IEM to Bluetooth for less than $15!
Pros: - Very cheap
- Surprisingly capable to drive most iems, even drove my planars
- Quite comfortable to wear
- Good Range of the bluetooth
Cons: - Bad Mic (Nitpick for this price)
- Cheap build quality (Expected for this price)
- The dongles move around a lot when walking fast or running which in turn could make your iem fall from your ear

Today i will be reviewing the Kb Ear BT5, it is a bluetooth dongle from Kb ear which turns your wired IEM to bluetooth at an affordable price. You can find it on sale for $15 but it is generally available for $18-20. I have also made a YouTube review of these on my channel. If you prefer a video review you can watch that there.

Before I start the review I want to thank Wo Easy earphones form Aliexpress for providing the review sample. All the thoughts and opinions you are about to hear are my own.

Wo easy Earphones

Get your Kb Ear BT5 here

Fit, Comfort & Build Quality :-

1. The build quality is very plasticy and cheap. To be honest it is something I expect at this price but I still mention it because it might be offputing for some.

2. The ear hooks are very soft and they don't cause me any pain while trying it with different pair of iems.

3. Fit has been fine too and causes no issues whatsoever, but there is a drawback which I will talk about in my next point

4. While walking fast or even running you almost cant wear them because the dongle on both side of the neck bounce around a lot and they jump around which in turn causes the ear hooks to loose their grip and the iem falls of the ear. So I don't suggest using them for any sport activity or any high octane sport while wearing these.

5. I personally prefer the neckband style because that way i can hang the iems around my neck when I am not using them and I don't need a case to carry these has been great for that.

Bluetooth & Battery :-

These have bluetooth 5.1 and they support the AAC and SBC codec, sadly no support for aptx or ldac. Although I do get that these are quite cheap. Kb Ear claims a battery of 6 hours with their 110 mah battery but I got around 5.5 hours at 50% volume driving the Moondrop chu 2. The battery life will vary depending on the iem you are using, any iem requiring more power will suck out more battery. For me it was my planar iem like the 7hz timeless ae.

Sound :-

Talking about sound these are surprisingly good, they don't color the sound in any way. I was quite happy to see that. What surprised me the most that it drove my planars very well which caught me off guard!
I was happily able to listen to my timeless ae with these at comfortable volumes, although the battery life did take a hit when I did that. I even tested my tanchjim kara with these and it was very good.

What would have sweetened the deal if it had LDAC, but sadly these don't. Then again seeing the price I get it why.

Verdict :-

Do I recommend these ? YES! Because I don't think for the price you can go wrong, these are really great for what they offer at that price. If you don't want to spend the big bucks for for the likes of moondrop little white at $89 or similar price for KZ AZ 20 (which is an earhook style bluetooth dongle) or even the $400 iFi Audio GoPod. These are a great thing to buy or atleast test out the grounds of bluetooth dongle realm. Obviously keep the negatives in mind when you buy them because they aren't perfect.

What I would like to see is Kb Ear make a $40-$50 version of these which will have a proper neckband and support for LDAC and aptx, that would something I would happily buy as someone who likes neckbands.

Thank You for reading my review :) I hope you have a great day ahead.
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