JVC HANC100 Noise Cancelling Headphones - Reviews
Got these from a friend who upgraded his. The set I have isn't quite like the picture, It's more like a mobile version... Mine fold up and fit nicely in a cargo pocket, and it even eats its own cord to boot. The noise cancellation isn't anything to be excited about. I kept forgetting it was on and draining the battery repeatedly, so I keep a 1/4" adapter in there, and carry it with me whenever I mix for my church. I don't think you'd need the noise cancellation anyways, I recently used them as earmuffs at a demolition derby and they muffled the sound just enough. Not to mention they don't let much outside sound in in the first place.
They sound great, and they cover the spectrum well. Highs are crisp, and even make me recognize when I have 'em up too loud. Mids are well placed with no annoying frequencies (coming from a guy who has a love-hate relationship with 1k), and lows can get thumping depending on what you serve it. 
I have yet to be able to max them out, and they're even comfortable to wear around my neck when I'm not using them. I think it fits me perfectly :)