JBL E40BT Black High-Performance Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, Black


Pros: Light, decent battery life. Sound clear in quiet environments. Can use them with a 3.5mm cable or via wireless bluetooth.
Cons: No bass. When you turn them up highs and mid highs become ear piercing. They charge with a strange 3.5mm to usb cable.
These are more of a toy than anything. I got mine as a free gift when purchasing a phone from newegg.com. They are the "COACH New York" special edition. That just means they come in a cloth bag with a pleather "COACH" logo on it and the ear cups have black, white, and brown stripes as well as the "COACH" logo.

They are 99% plastic. The plastic is painted and after about half a dozen uses the paint is scratched and chipped in several spots. They looked nice at first, but that didn't last long. They don't fold up very small. I have full sized over ear headphones that fold even smaller. Comfort is ok but nothing great. It was hard to get the cups to seal against my ears. If you can get a good seal in a quiet environment than you can eek a little low end out of them and the clarity is decent. I tried these on an airplane and had trouble watching a movie on my phone because they don't isolate at all. It was difficult making out some of the actors voices, even at max volume. The movie sound track was nonexistent. Completely drown out by airplane noise. When listening to music in a quiet environment they were clear enough to listen to at medium volume. If I turned them up i could start to hear some decent clear bass but the highs became ear piercing and distorted to a point that it was uncomfortable to listen. If JBL had added a mic than they could have possibly been a good wireless headset for phone calls.

If they match your purse and that's all you care about than go throw away some money. If you want decent headphones than look somewhere else because these are nothing more than a happy meal toy.


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New Head-Fier
Pros: great sound overall. pretty cheap compared to other bluetooth headphones
Cons: fit,buld quality, and aggressive branding
hi guys!
first of all this is going to be my first headphones to review. and i am new here at head fi.
i bought this headphones for my commute from home to work. i got tired from all the wires getting tangled up inside my bag so i decided to try out a bluetooth headphones.
built quality. is not too bad i think. its all made with plastic with a bit of aluminum on the side of the cups with the big JBL branding on the side. it is a bit stiff which affects the comfort. for me the fit is good since i have a small head. but when a friend of mine borrowed it for a listen he had a bit of discomfort using them.
sound quality is very good. it has a very clear sound. good bass, good mids, and good highs. soundstage though is on the average side.
the range is 50feet which is i think is the standard for most bluetooth headphones
overall this headphones is a steal for their price. very easy to pair with your device. and very good sounding. i advice to try them at your local store to see if it fits you perfectly. i cannot vouch for the comfort since we all have different head size.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Good sound for a wireless, good sound on a silent environment e.g. office cubicle, bed room.
Cons: Bass affected by poor fit. Poor soundstage muddles the Highs and Mids on some songs, not so good on noisy environments.
I got this because I need a new headphone while on commute.
The first thing I noticed is that the bass volume is low but its there specially when you press the cups against your ears.

The trick there is just find the angle where the cups lay flat on the ears when you wear them.
If you wear it like in this photo: View attachment the bass is almost non existent.

I say the highs and mids are still good when you hear them. I judge this on how synths, cymbals and snare drums sounds on songs I listen to.
When the songs have lots of instruments though its hard to discern/hear them.

All in all, depending on some songs this could be a steal for the price.


Bluetooth Guru
Pros: cheap, light, good proportion price/sound
Cons: Zero bass, poor mid, poor detail, poor soundstage, poor fit
The only reason to buy these Headphones is if you want to give money to JBL in change of a big JBL logo on your head.
Or if you hate Paul McCartney and want to listen to the Beatles without any trace of Bass.
Otherwise, for a few bucks more you can get the Jabra Revo Wireless which are UNIVERSES better than this thing here.
Actually in this moment the Revo cost even less than the JBL E50 which are the same of the E40 but bigger and with a bit of bass.
The Revo are really Headphones.
These E40 are just a plastic toy which looks like a plastic toy, feels like a plastic toy, and sounds like a plastic toy.
But if you really want to know what you get by buying this plastic toy, I'll tell you.
You get: a plastic toy.
With a HUGE JBL logo.
With good highs.
Mediocre mids.
Zero Bass.
Poor detail.
Poor Soundstage.
Light fit which does not press enough against the ear on the lower part of the speaker.
And you get a little squared piece of paper with a question: "Why didn't you buy the Revo? All you need is Revo. Yours, Paul McCartney".
You do not get much more.
And you deserve much more.
You deserve at least the Revo.