Inearz P350

General Information

An introduction in to our pro series monitors comes the P350. These have a warm and detailed sound signature from the output of the dual mid/woofer and the single tweeter, which is perfect for the on-stage musician or audiophile.

  • 1 High and Dual Mid/Low Balanced Armatures
  • Integrated 3-Way Crossover
  • Dual Bore
  • Impedance: 20 Ohm
  • Noise Isolation: -26dB
  • Input connecter: 1/8″ (3.5mm)Stereo Jack
  • Shells made from medical grade, hypoallergenic acrylic


  • 2-pin detachable cable in one of the 5 colors we offer
  • Personalized hard case
  • Cleaning tool
  • InEarz sticker

Latest reviews


New Head-Fier
Pros: An unbelievable product for a great price!
Cons: Lacking some low-end in the overall sound spectrum.
Gear Used: Sennheiser EW 300 wireless IEM pack/Taylor 416ce acoustic guitar/Sennheiser E835 cardioid microphone (dynamic microphone)

I have here a pair of Inearz P350 with ADEL technology custom in-ear monitors in ice-blue with a clear faceplate. I purchased these monitors independently and have been using them for worshipping leading for that last three to four weeks. Overall the monitors have about 20 hours of burn-in. I am an acoustic guitar player and singer. In this review I'll hit on topics that include audiological descriptions as well as my own personal opinion as a musician. Inearz has not paid me or asked me to write a review for them. This is simply an opinion piece based on my overall experience with Inearz.


Accessories and Case:

The engraved case is an S3 case. My clinic uses S3 cases and I can certainly attest to their reinforcement. Such a great case company and Sunny at S3 is wonderful to work with. Also included is a small cleaning tool with a metal loop on one end and a small brush on the other. Again, a very simple tool, which, in my honest opinion, makes things much easier for a wearer when it comes to maintenance. In the last photo, you can see that Inearz included a sticker and a great manual on how to use, clean, and place the monitor. Very descriptive with quality language that makes it very easy to understand for the user.

Ear 1.JPG
Ear 2.JPG
Ear 3.JPG
Ear 4.JPG


The build on these monitors is second to none. The design is so clean and the shells are as clear as you could ever imagine. I cannot find any air bubbles or residue on the IEM left by the manufacturing process. The color of the monitor is an "Ice Blue,” which gives the shell a clear look with just a little of bit of color. The reason why I went with the ice blue is because I've had some issues with clear monitors turning yellow overtime due to wear and of course wax. I'm hoping that these will maintain this quality of look as long as I continue to clean the monitors appropriately.


Out of the case, the fit was 90% accurate. I have a little hill in my left ear canal and over my 16 pairs of IEM's I have had to adjust every set but one. I also have multiple tools that help me make these adjustments on my own, without having to send them back to the manufacturer because I work at an audiological clinic. Overall, however, I was really impressed with the fit and how they were low-profile, making them not stick out of the ears as much as other monitors that I have. A smooth, quality fit is always good relating to the aesthetics of the monitor itself.

Subjective ADEL Technology Review:
Prior to this set of IEM's I had never tried the ADEL technology. Because of my background I'm not easily swayed by a monitor that has a myriad of drivers knowing full well that headroom may improve subjectively, but that frequency response does not increase objectively. I had done a lot of research on my own to understand the technology. As an audiologist I care about maintaining your hearing more than I care about sound. As an audiophile and a musician, I care about how can I combine these two worlds appropriately? I was hoping the ADEL technology could give me some answers.

Overall, I have to say that I notice a difference in the ADEL technology. I do believe, that compared to my other IEM's, in my opinion, the high frequency with the ADEL technology is enhanced compared to my other triple drive IEM's I use regularly. As a high tenor vocally, I need quality cut in the those middle to higher frequencies (I'm almost an alto with my range). I appreciated that high cut tremendously.

When it came to less auditory fatigue, a major selling point for the ADEL technology, I cannot say that I noticed a big difference compared to a normal IEM without ADEL technology. I'm a big advocate for wearing two ears at once, simply because of the medical implications. Look up the term auditory deprivation for more of explanation on this subject.

Objective ADEL Technology Review:
In our clinic, we use the Verifit by Audioscan, a Canadian company, that helps determine the fit of hearing aids appropriately. Unfortunately, due to HIPPA regulations, I cannot put a photo up of the audiogram and the sound pressure level (SPL) output that the monitor presented. I will, however, break it down to an extent. *Please note that we use a calibrated pink noise at 90dB output to test the monitors objectively in a test box*

Most IEM's that I look at when measuring the OSPL90 curve (full on gain as you would with a hearing aid, with no restrictions) have the highest peak in the middle frequencies (2000Hz-4000Hz), which is what we expect. Check out a picture of a Fletcher-Muson Curve to find out more. Total peak in those middle frequencies was around 121dBSPL, which is a great amount of gain. The low-freqecenies did not have as much SPL, which is also what we would expect to see. Now, the high-frequency responses showed to be higher than other monitors that do not have the ADEL technology. Therefore, my subjective idea was correct. Whether or not the ADEL technology affected the low frequencies, I honestly cannot tell you. Either way, for myself as a high tenor and someone who likes to have the large cut in those frequencies (whether it's a vocal note, or guitar note at the top of the fret board), I appreciated the addition of the ADEL technology.

Low Frequencies:
I felt like the lows in the monitor were lacking. Again, I don't know if that is an ADEL utterance or if that is the monitor overall. Other reviews I have read state that the lows are normally very warm, and of the ones I have read personally, none of them had the ADEL technology in them. Of course there could be another review I did not read. So I attribute this factor, in the meantime, to the ADEL technology.

Middle Frequencies:
All I can say about this portion is WOW. The middle frequency responses were incredible. Such a warm, solid cut through the sound that made my guitar and voice stream perfectly to my ears. Could not be happier with this part!

High Frequencies:
Again, another high point in these monitors. In my mix I tend to have lead guitar that is playing in the upper register of the fret board. The lead guitar cut through like I had never heard it before with such clarity and precision. Again, seeing the OSPL90 curve, there is a lot of output in the higher frequencies, hence my perception of the high frequencies as clearer compared to other IEM's I've tried.

In an ever-growing world of fancy drivers and incredible marketing, Inearz is a godsend. Maybe the ADEL addition isn't for you, but if you decided to add it, I've seen other companies charge a fortune for their IEM's and then there's an added cost for the technology, because ADEL is a third-partied company that is not run by IEM groups. Inearz keeps the cost low so that even if you decide to add the technology into the IEM, you're still coming out at a whopping $749 plus shipping. In this market, that almost seems unheard of for this type of technology upgrade!

Customer Service/Turnaround Time:
During the ordering process, I worked with Nate who is an absolute class act. Customer service is key in this field and Nate sets the standard.

When I first ordered my set I was told it would be around 4 weeks, which tends to be the standard answer (and we as customers have to be okay with that unless we want to pay an arm and a leg for expedited shipping!). I had them in just under three weeks, which, if you've order IEM's you know how long it can take to get the monitors. On one of my pairs, I waited 8 weeks for a repair...Inearz did a great job on getting these monitors to me quickly, which I'm always appreciative of! 10/10 on customer service and shipping!

As an audiologist, musician, and audiophile, Inearz creates a great product that will blow you away. My patients tend to be sucked into the marketing ploys that large IEM companies perform. I'm not saying those companies monitors are bad, I'm just saying you're paying a lot more for a product that Inearz makes that is as close to perfection as you can imagine in this industry for a fraction of the cost! Do your research before buying your IEM's, but I can promise you one thing: you won't be disappointed with Inearz!


Reviewer at Sound Perfection Reviews
Formerly affiliated with HiFi Headphones
Pros: Smooth, relatively balanced sound
Cons: Lacking a little treble presence
Firstly I would like to thank InearZ for kindly making these custom IEM's for me to review, I will try and write an honest review, these received over 50hrs of burn-in, no differences were noted.

Gear Used:
Dell XPS 15 > JDS Labs C5D > IE-P350
iPod Classic 7G > IE-P350

Accessories are the case talked about above, which is an excellent case, also included is an InearZ sticker and also a wax cleaning tool. I can't see them needing any extra accessories, all the essential are included.

Build quality, well they feel great, they are hard acrylic customs so there is always the possibility of them cracking or smashing if you drop them on hard ground, but if you are careful I cannot see any faults appearing. I got the recessed sockets on these, as I find they put less strain on the connector pins themselves, and the socket is very tight. Great when you are using them, but it is very difficult to detach the cable if you want to change it, but they do detach. The cable itself is flexible and soft, has good strain relief and should hold up well over time, it does have a section of memory wire that I find to be comfortable.

The finish of the shell is excellent, I can spot the odd air bubble, but they are very difficult to find and won't affect the longevity of the IEM's. The innards are all securely fit in place and glued, so no wires flexing to be broken. Overall they are well made, and with a little care I can see them lasting a long time. The carbon faceplate looks excellent, and the joining of the faceplate to the shell is very good, the InearZ logo also looks great, overall superb finish and plenty of customization options.

Comfort, Isolation and Cable Noise:
Well being a full shell custom IEM these are definitely more comfortable than universal IEM's, they may not be as flexible as silicone custom IEM's but I do not find the acrylic to cause any discomfort. The fit of these is spot on, first time round that is really good. I can move my mouth without the seal breaking, there is no pressure or discomfort. Also they sit nice and flush, which is great if you want to sleep with these in. The memory wire is not uncomfortable either, although I always prefer cables without memory wire.

Isolation is great, better than universal IEM's, even with comply tips, but silicone customs will isolate better. To be honest for most uses you will not need more isolation than these, they cut out a lot of background noise, and are great for commuting and also for regular flyers, even for stage use these would be fine.

Cable noise is not an issue, due to the cable going behind the ear.

Split in to the usual categories with a conclusion at the end.

Lows: The lows on these are full and warm, they give great body to the sound without sounding muddy. They do warm the mids a little giving a tad extra body but this is not a negative thing, if you are using these out and about in noisy environments the lows disappear first so the little extra body means you never lose track of the beat. The lows also make these sound a little more natural, they don't sound clinical or thin. The lows extend nicely with sub-bass being audible with only slight roll off below 40Hz, so very good response, and also articulation. Also being balanced armatures the lows are very fast in attack and recovery, so they can keep up with whatever you throw at them.

Mids: The mids sit nicely in the middle of the sound of these, where they should be. Up front mids can be fun and engaging but also fatiguing, these are never fatiguing. They are slightly warmed up from the lows as stated, but this doesn't make them muddy, they are still very well separated, it just adds a little extra body. Both male and female vocals sound great, electric guitars have power and crunch, acoustic guitars have excellent tone and reverberation. All with excellent detail retrieval. They also don't suffer from sibilance, very smooth and sweet mids.

Highs: The highs sit a little behind the rest of the sound and give the overall sound a warm tone, but the highs do add some air and detail to the sound, extending nicely and not sounding metallic or tinny. They could use a little boost but to be honest for every day listening they are fine. They are accurate and present, they could just do with being slightly more up front. However I never find these to be fatiguing to listen to, and I can listen to these for hours easily.

Soundstage is good, it's not huge but there are definitely out of head experiences to be had.
Instrument separation is great, there is enough air to separate everything without sounding detached. These are fairly forgiving of bad sources, but they definitely benefit from FLAC over mp3 and also a good amp brings out a little more body in the sound.

Conclusion, I really like the smooth yet detailed sound of these, they lean towards the warmer side of sound, but never sound muddy or veiled. The mids cut through with great detail, the lows have extension and punch, with body that makes these a pleasure to listen to. You will never find these fatiguing to listen to, rather they are more relaxed, the highs could use a little boost, but this could lead to fatigue (also if you want that, EQ and cables can help in this regard). They may not be the most detailed, or the most fun IEM's to listen to, but what they do, they do very well, which is easy listening. I highly recommend these as an entry level custom IEM, that sounds great with all genres and is easy to listen to.

Also a little end note, InearZ are a pleasure to work with, excellent communication and fast turnaround, they can be found and contacted via social media very easily, and Matthew who does all the shells was quick to reply to my messages, and Kim the owner was very insightful about the driver configuration.

Sound Perfection Rating: 8/10 (easy to listen to, reasonably priced, great looking custom IEM's)

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