HTC RC E160 (Stereo Headset / Wired Remote Control)

General Information

1. The HTC RC E160 (wired remote control) is
designed for on-the-go audio purists. The
RC E160 provides users with the convenience
of either listening to the music, FM radio
(collocate with HTC devices which bundle FM
radio function) or answering a call on HTC
2. The Inline Microphone of RC E160 is
acoustically tuned to filter out background
noise and minimize wind noise, ensuring
that callers hear clearly even in the noisiest
3. Conveniently switch between listening to music
and fielding phone calls.
4. There are three buttons for listening to music
and doing phone conversation.

Latest reviews

Pros: remote control
Cons: The cable is too stiff, horrible sound quality, doesn't stay in the ear
Got them free with the HTC legend, the earphones are intended for speech only. ibuds would blow these away in terms of SQ. The cables are very stiff and uncomfortable for use


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