HT OMEGA Stryker 7.1

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  1. skinnygamer12
    "HT Omega Striker 7.1"
    Pros - better than onboard audio, no driver issues unlike many other cards at this price, front panel support
    Cons - only 16 bit 48 kHz - severely overpriced
    When I built my computer about a year ago I really only got it so I wouldn't have to use onboard audio, which is never very good. I figured that for the price it wouldn't be too bad, but I was curious as to why the technical specs were nowhere to be found; now I know...This card is only capable of 16 bit 48 kHz playback; but HT Omega hides this fact, I searched for a while with no success... It is not by any means a terrible card, the sound is decent, but for the price there are MUCH better cards. The retail price is $89, but for under $30 you can get a card that will do 24, 96.

    Overall the card itself is not bad really, but it should be much much cheaper.