HiSoundAudio RoCoo P

General Information

The ROCOO–p. (Power version)

ROCOO-p is one of the most powerful DAP in the market. It can work well with wide range of earphones which are covered from the IEMs to the most of the full size headphones.

Rock, pop and other music genres with modern instruments need a specially DAP to present the adequate speed and impact bass. But most DAPs are lack of power for the dynamic sound, It’s symptom are anemic, hollow, weakness and harsh.

ROCOO-p applied the exclusive high power earphone amplifier which has 50mW rated out put power. This stronger power make you give up the burden of the bundled external earphone amplifiers.

ROCOO-p is inherited with the circuit design of our flagship player of STUDIO. So, it has the excellent sound quality. Plus the “modern music” oriented auditioned, make ROCOO-p is specially suitable for the electronic music. You will hear the punch bass with deeply extended. The bass of ROCOO-p is featured with details, laying, and creaming which is very comfortable. Still, the ROCOO-p is not the bass-head style DAP, it is overall balanced. Also, ROCOO-p basically is neutral sound signature which is not over to color some frequencies. So, ROCOO-p is fit for most earphones and most music genres which make the DAP has big value for extracting the potential of you collections of earphones.

Slim body, strong power, stylish appearance, wonderful music reproduction and reasonable price, all this make the ROCOO-p become the temptation for the music lovers.

Frequency Response: 10Hz-21kHz
Sensitivity (dB): 105dB
Impedance: 32 ohms
Signal-to-Noise: 96dB
Memory capacity: 4G+expanding SD card slot.
Card Compatibility: MicroSD, HCSD
Battery capacity: 600Ma rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery continually playing time: > 10hours (volume @ 3)
Proprietary Power Saving technology: EMA Techonology (Energy Management and Admeasurement Technology)
Compatible formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AAC
Screen: 1 inch OLED
Color available: Brushed black
UI Operation: Mechanical key button operation (one-hand and blind operation capability)
USB type: mini USB 2.0
Dimension: 81.85mm L x 50mm W x 20.65 (MM)

Latest reviews

Pros: excellent sq, sound stage, power, portable, battery life, build quality
Cons: user interface, slow boot, finger prints, 4gb internal memory, equalizer
What i really love about this player is its wide sound stage and sq. Every time i listen to it with my headphones or iem's, it blows me away.  I spent hours of listening to it everyday.
It can drive many iems or headphones because of its built in amp. it has lots of power.
The battery can last 8-10 hours of continuous playback.
The build quality is solid and it doesn't feel cheap.
Sadly this player has its cons.
User Interface and equalizer- The user interface is basic and the equalizer to me has no purpose. The only preset that i find good is the nature setting.
Slow boot- it has a 4gb internal memory and since my songs are in flac and wav format it requires a lot space so i got a micro sd. When a micro sd is inserted, the time for it to power on takes longer than usual.( especially if you have many files)
fingerprints-glossy materials, prone to scratches.
Despite the cons, i would still recommend this because we all love great sq.This is one of the best portable player out there; bang for the buck!
I agree the little Rocco players are excellent sounding players. Enjoy it.
Nice review. Worth checking out. Thank you
Pros: wide soundstage, good highs and lows, incredible mids
Cons: finger prints and user interface
One of the best sounding dap with lots of power. 
this dap;s battery life last me a day out in town... v slim..i use it to test headfones in the shops :p
Pros: Sound quality
Cons: Size, UI, short battery life
I never expected that such device will be the perfect complement for my trusty HD 25. All the cons I picked up upon hearing my HP were all remedied by this wonderful DAP (thanks to its built-in amp). The sibilance went away, better bass extension and mids are among the improvements it gave. Oh, I almost forgot, the soundstage became wider. Definitely a must buy for all HD 25 owners. :)


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