Many audiophiles always asked the following questions: 1, Can the DAP be much better than IPOD...

HiSoundAudio Rocoo BA

  • Many audiophiles always asked the following questions: 1, Can the DAP be much better than IPOD and rest consumer grade mp3 players in term of sound quality? 2,Can the hi fi DAP be designed more portable? 3, Can the DAP be more powerful for full size headphones? 4, Can the DAP specially designed for the high sensitive earphones with armature drivers? 5, Can design a perfect DAP with low hiss with the high sensitive customize armature earphones? 6, Can the hifi DAP be affordable? ROCOO is the player which is designed just according to above requirements. ROCOO is based on the same platform of STUDIO. Which shares the same mature UI and main chip. This measure can avoid many of bugs of a new developed player. The only difference is the ROCOO cancelled the earphone amplifier function, and reduced the playing time to be 12 hours. ROCOO applied new earphone amplifiers. The sound quality still kept at the same level as STUDIO. The slim size of ROCOO make it can be putted in the wallet and placed into any pocket. The enclosure of ROCOO is carved with the solid block fine aluminum by CNC. It is the most rugged DAP for harsh environment using. ROCOO designed as the retro style which can be easily distinguished from any rest players. It is a really cool and exotic product. Plus the incredible sweet sound and affordable price, ROCOO will be the “must have” player among the music lovers. Maybe ROCOO is the exclusive HiFi grade DAP which is specially designed for the armature earphones. It have adequate out put power for all mini earphones ( IEMs, earbuds, or so)and almost has no hiss. Even though the ROCOO has 30mW out put power but it still has very good control for the high sensitive armature drivers earphones. This is the critical important technical core value of ROCOO. It seems there is no other DAP have such characters which has stronger power but fit for high sensitive earphones which still not overpowered the earphones. The feature of excellent controlled power with low hiss is the bliss for the high sensitive armature earphones. ROCOO is one superior player comes with the highest sound resolution in the market. It has tremendous details with the music. The mids present the holographic information. The highs has good texture, the music is reality and fun. All these merits make ROCOO sounds very engaging. Fatigue free is the sound signature of ROCOO. The leisure, refine, liquid, smooth sound reproduction make the music very pleasure and enjoyable.
    ROCOO BA is specially designed for the BA drivers earphones which will have no hiss with the high sensitive BA earphones.

    Also, ROCOO BA has very high sound resolution. it can retrieve every nuance recorded. The sound signature is very refine, neutral and sweet.


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