Hippo VB


New Head-Fier
Pros: BASS, mids and highs are not covered by the bass
Cons: Construction looks and feels cheap
Audio Quality
The bass is pretty awesome. Full rich controlled clear deep bass. Usually bass heavy earphones tends to cover up the mids and highs. This one performed well. Love the tuning bass ports customization which is similar to XePort 5010-8 and MEElectronics SP51.
Surprisingly good overall soundstage coming from such a bass-heavy earphones. Though its not monitoring level separation, the audio is to be considered pretty good coming from small earphone drivers.
I would personally give it a 9/10 value. Worth every penny. Get it while Jaben has the promotion for this, much cheaper and even more worth it!!
Basshead lovers with budget of this price range - get Hippo VB for earphones, I-Mego Throne Gold for headphones


New Head-Fier
Pros: Bass, Bass, and Bass. Interchangeable bass levels. Ok sound quality.
Cons: Can distort sounds at high levels
I have been on the search for the pair of headphones or earphones that are for BASSHEADS not Bassheads bt BASSHEADS!!!!!
I believe I can finally put an end to that search. If your a Bassheads go buy now. If bass is your number one priority these ear buds are prefect. It has 3 but really 4 different bass levels wit the one dot being the lowest and the two dot he next and the 3 dot the next, but if you want even more bass like I did just take the bass plate off. Yes listen to it without a bass plate and it's like you have a subwoofer in your ear canal ok maybe not like that but these can push out a LOT OF BASS and their under 100 bucks they are truly a bang for your buck..
If your looking for bass 5 stars
If your not Looking for bass 3 stars
BB 808
BB 808
So why this only got 1 ★


New Head-Fier
Pros: Bass, Bass, Bass and Bass
Cons: Lacks on imging and separation
As the title says, it's for Bassheads. Very fatiguing for longer listening. The amount of Bass on these just kills the fun for me so not very highly recommended. 


Aka: Nightcrawler, Oof Oink
Was flipping items from the classifieds on eBay.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Bass, soundstage, depth
Cons: treble a little recessed
What an amazing pair of headphones, especially for the price.
Bass is incredible - on some dubstep tracks I compare it to being in a car with a good sub in it. Deep, rarely challenged, not muddy. The level of bass depends on the screw you have in though.
Treble can be a little recessed at first, needs some EQ to bring it back.
My biggest suggestion with these: LEAVE THE SCREWS OUT. Bass is even heavier, but if you have a player with an EQ you can balance that back out. When you leave the screws out you almost turn these into an open 'phone. Soundstage improves massively, everything is broader and more separated, just an incredible sound from a canalphone. Obviously they become less isolating though.
An incredible headphone, and not just for bass-heads. You've got to want bass in your music to enjoy these, but they work well on everything from acoustic to rock to dub & dance.
After trying many IEM's including pairs from Shure, $250 Sony's, JVC's twin drivers, Ety's and AT's, these were the most balanced and enjoyable by a long shot.
Well worth the cash.
these look like just what i have been looking for, where did you get them for $70?


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: BASS!!!, BASS plates, easy to drive
Cons: cable noise
These are the bassiest things ever, i have to EQ them to have less bass.
the mids and highs are also very good
they need A LOT of burn in


New Head-Fier
Pros: Excessive, deep bass,
Cons: Not so clear mid and high, can be sibilant, has some electric noise with some sources.
I got a pair of Hippo VB shortly after they came back in stock.
The new series of the Hippo VB came with 6 pairs of single-flanges 2 S, 2 M and 2 L, There were one of each sizes in black or in a red/blue mix. It also comes with a zipper case large enough also to have my clip+ in it. There is also a shirt clip on  the cable. Also last, but not least, the three plates to adjust the bass.
Build quality
The cable seems to be solid but is stiff. It uses the same 90 degrees plug that  Westone and Earsonics use; it is sturdy. The build quality of the housing is good, it's made of aluminium and seems to be rather solid. 
I don't have particularly big ears and these scrap the back of my ear and can be very annoying to wear for longer periods of time
Isolation with the stock eartips is about average, it's eanough for the commute to work but won't kill the vacuum cleaner.
Sound Quality
The Hippo VB comes with three different plates of which I prefer the one with two dots on it. The soundstage of the phones is wide. Regarding the lows it goes almost without saying these are heavily bass-focused with a large quantity of bass. I found the sound to be somewhat dark compared to the Meelectronics A151 and the instrument separation is not quite as good.


Now known as HuoYuanJia
Pros: bass, resolution
Cons: design, coloration
These were recommended to me in the forum when I was searching for a "warm comfortable IEM". Eventually I got them from the sale/trade forum in a "like new" state.
The build quality is quite poor on these. The dirt filter on the left nozzle was misplaced slightly, not fully covering the nozzle. This could be easily fixed by slightly elevating it with a needle. Also, one of the bass filters came off (or was never fully on) which is also very easily fixed. However, it's recommended to take a thorough look at them before trying them out, as especially the loose bass filter produced a very awkward sound.
The metal body and the stiff cable seem like they'll last for a very long time, though.
Initially I also had huge comfort issues. The screwable bass plates touched my ear which is very uncomfortable and after some time even hurt. The included silicone tips are too hard, in my opinion. Thus I've replaced them with an easy DIY foam mod. Rarely, the plates still touch my right ear, but it's nothing major and can be prevented when wearing the cable over-ear.
At first I had a very hard time adapting to these as I'm used to the Ultrasone HFI-780. The warm sound signature and strong boomy bass of the Hippo was very unusual to me. Meanwhile, I think they're a great addition to my collection and I wear them every night at very low volumes.
I'll make this short as this is my third review today: These IEMs are awesome with Hip-Hop/Rap, Electronica and Rock. Bass is a treat (punchy and boomy at the same time, slightly bloated - extends just slightly into the mids but very fair for the price), resolution is great and soundstage is amazing for an IEM. The highs extend far enough and are very sharp (in a positive way). Incredible value for the price!
This IEM is pure fun and not recommended for analytical listeners as the sound is colored and slightly too dark.
This is a great back-up IEM. Sadly I can't fully recommend it as first choice because the sound signature is a liitle too far on the "fun" ("musical", if you have to) side.
Hippo should invest some bucks in a product designer for future releases. The overall design is nothing but practical and the "hippo VB" prints already look like fakes.


New Head-Fier
Pros: variable bass tuning, deep controled bass, good sound quality
Cons: microphonics, some sibilants and harsh treble
just had my VB for a couple of days .. with 20 hrs of burn-in. the most noticable aspect of VB is its deep and controlled bass. a good amount of bass quantity with a great bass quality.
the mids and the treble is quite good for sub $100, fresh out of the box i was dissapointed by a lot of sibilants and quite harsh treble but after 20hrs of burn-in process i can notice the sibilants and hars treble reduced a bit .. so i think another 100++ hrs of burn-in should do the trick
where can i get them i cant find them?