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  1. unbornchaos
    "Hippo VB lives up to it's claims. A BASSHEAD MUST-HAVE."
    Pros - BASS, mids and highs are not covered by the bass
    Cons - Construction looks and feels cheap
    Audio Quality
    The bass is pretty awesome. Full rich controlled clear deep bass. Usually bass heavy earphones tends to cover up the mids and highs. This one performed well. Love the tuning bass ports customization which is similar to XePort 5010-8 and MEElectronics SP51.
    Surprisingly good overall soundstage coming from such a bass-heavy earphones. Though its not monitoring level separation, the audio is to be considered pretty good coming from small earphone drivers.
    I would personally give it a 9/10 value. Worth every penny. Get it while Jaben has the promotion for this, much cheaper and even more worth it!!
    Basshead lovers with budget of this price range - get Hippo VB for earphones, I-Mego Throne Gold for headphones
  2. Mickmikea
    "The ultimate Basshead device in ear, on ear, or over the ear."
    Pros - Bass, Bass, and Bass. Interchangeable bass levels. Ok sound quality.
    Cons - Can distort sounds at high levels
    I have been on the search for the pair of headphones or earphones that are for BASSHEADS not Bassheads bt BASSHEADS!!!!!
    I believe I can finally put an end to that search. If your a Bassheads go buy now. If bass is your number one priority these ear buds are prefect. It has 3 but really 4 different bass levels wit the one dot being the lowest and the two dot he next and the 3 dot the next, but if you want even more bass like I did just take the bass plate off. Yes listen to it without a bass plate and it's like you have a subwoofer in your ear canal ok maybe not like that but these can push out a LOT OF BASS and their under 100 bucks they are truly a bang for your buck..
    If your looking for bass 5 stars
    If your not Looking for bass 3 stars
  3. akshayshah12
    "Bassheads will love it."
    Pros - Bass, Bass, Bass and Bass
    Cons - Lacks on imging and separation
    As the title says, it's for Bassheads. Very fatiguing for longer listening. The amount of Bass on these just kills the fun for me so not very highly recommended. 

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