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The HIFIMAN SUNDARA is an open backed headphone with a specially designed planar magnetic driver. The connection to which is made via the supplied cable with socketed connectors which oers a secure and sturdy connection yet allow for easy cable swapping. The headphone's relatively high sensitivity is higher than is typical in a planar magnetic headphone and allows it to be driven with some ease by conventional headphone amplifiers and even many mobile phones. The SUNDARA also oers an impressive frequency response range, from 6-75kHz and with all the dynamic realism that HIFIMAN headphones are renowned for.

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Hifiman Sundara Review - A Class of its own
Pros: High price performance ratio
Balancing between good technicalities and musicality
Good bass response and treble when well powered
Scalability (with source and amp)
Cons: Bundled accessories

To date, I have tested multiple Hifiman headphones from HE400SE, to Ananda Nano and Edition XS, i have the Sundara with me today which is the crowd’s favourite despite being released years ago, and no, it doesn’t sport the stealth magnet, but it does have the neo supernano diaphragm derived from the Susvara. Let’s talk about the build quality, to me, the build is more or less similar across the line up, so there really isn’t much to talk about, the same goes for the packaging, it is also identical, a cardboard box which consist of the styrofoam headphone stand, the dual 3.5mm cable,a quarter inch adapter as well as the headphone itself. The clamping force is just nice to my preference, not too tight or loose, the earpads cover my whole ears and I don't feel any discomfort like how I did with on ear headphones.

Gears used for this review
  • Earmen Tradutto -> Earmen CH-Amp
  • Earmen Colibri
  • Hiby R6 II
  • Hifiman Sundara Stock Cable
My review is solely based on what I hear via my equipment and I never consider my reviews to be objective in any way rather a subjective approach. Do take into consideration that everyone’s ear anatomy is not the same, so the psychoacoustics perception might be different as well, but i believe it will not stray too far

Sound Impression
Sundara’s tonality is quite neutral to my ears, there’s a hint of planar timbre but other than that, in terms of price performance ratio, it is really good. There’s a slight hint of warmth to give the overall impression of slight musicality rather than sterile sounding. CH-Amp gives the Sundara a very dynamic experience, fast bass and snappy transient response, very engaging listening experience. Pairing it with dongles does leave something to be desired.

  • Bass is fast and tight with good control
  • The sub bass does sounded a little rolled off, but mid bass is punchy and has good slams
  • It is definitely not the bass response that bassheads will crave, but personally the bass response to me is just nice, unless if i listen to EDM, then i will crave for more bass quantity
  • Bass has good texture overall and doesn’t sound too thin unless it is under powered
  • The mids are not overly forward nor recessed,
  • Vocal for both male and females has good enough textures to them
  • Female vocal has a bit more energy compared to male
  • Upper mids are generally safe to my ears and not shouty
  • A tinge of warmth in this range prevents the overall presentation to sound sterile/clean
  • Treble has plenty of energy yet it is not harsh nor sibilant
  • Fast and snappy transient response
  • Very good resolution for the price, in fact i think it is actually punching above its price point
  • Good detail retrieval, micro details can be picked up easily
  • Very good technicalities for the price point
  • Soundstage is slightly out of your head, not exceptionally wide considering this is an open backed headphone
  • Good height and width perception for the soundstage
  • Instruments can be picked up easily where it is coming from
  • Good layering and separation
  • Sundara does require quite a bit of power to perform at its best, avoid the budget/entry level dongles as they will not power the Sundara well. It does go loud if you are talking about the volume, but bass control and trebles are quite off/harsh
  • Most of the recent release will do the job just fine, iFi Zen Air Can, Fiio K11, Tempotec Mach 3 if you are on the budget


Comparison (Grado SR125X)
  • In comparison with Grado’s 125x, which is a dynamic driver headphone and also open backed
  • Mid bass is slightly punchier and sub bass has a little bit more rumble compared to the Sundara
  • In terms of build quality, both more or less has similar build quality in my opinion, not exactly premium looking for the budget to mid range models
  • The 125x’s cable is not removable and gets tangled very easily,not to mention it is very thick and stiff, whereas the Sundara is bundled with a rather high quality stock cable and it’s removable, hence that makes cable rolling possible
  • The treble can be a little too much on certain track when you crank the volume up, those who are treble sensitive will be affected
  • In terms of timbre and tonality, the 125x has rather natural timbre and the tonality is leaning on brighter side of spectrum
Final Thoughts
Having tested multiple Hifiman headphones from various price point, it’s safe to say Sundara offers a very good price performance ratio if you are on a budget, it has very good technicalities yet it doesn’t sound dull and lacking in terms of musicality, a very balanced blend between musicality and technical performance. Recommended!


*The Hifiman Sundara was sent over by Hifiman for the purpose of this review, I received no monetary compensation nor was I influenced in any way to produce this review.

If you are interested in getting a pair, head over to their official store to grab one now! It is currently available for 299$, for the performance and value, a total steal!

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Magic sundara
Pros: beautiful sound, light warmth, excellent amount of details, build quality, price.
Cons: Nothing at this price.

hifiman sundara:​


Hifiman sundara:


Hifiman does not cease to surprise me when it comes to value for money, taking into account the great price offer under which we can buy the original sundares of the 2022 edition for 299 USD on the official hifiman website, you can’t ignore its sonic value. The Sundars have had the opportunity to prove their extraordinary sonic value more than once, becoming the subject of many discussions in the audio industry. In my collection there are models such as HE400, deva pro with bluemini, R9, edition xs, sundara in closed version. How does one of the most famous hifiman models compare to them?

In different editions, we can find slightly different packaging. Because I have the latest version of these headphones, they were packed in a classic cardboard box consistent with the latest philosophy of packing hifiman headphones. Inside you will find a styrofoam stand and the same cable as in any other version of the basic hifiman headphones with an adapter for a large jack. That’s actually it, my version was without a transport cover, but you can buy a variant with a hard case.

Hifiman, when designing the sundar model, changed the concept of plastic headphones a bit by creating an all-metal design, so we can be sure about the quality of our audio equipment. Despite the metal housing, I did not feel that the weight was uncomfortable, because the headphones are still very light. The earmuffs are also hybrid and made of flexible, very comfortable materials. The headband with an additional pressure-relieving strap is also very comfortable. However, it should be remembered that the headphones are quite securely attached to the head. Personally, I see it as an advantage.

The sonic value of planar headphones largely depends on the equipment we use to drive them, if someone thinks that a phone with a jack output is enough for sundara, all I can do is wish them a nice listening, it’s like buying a sports car to drive in the desert. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but I think it’s a desecration. So I used xDuoo mt602 and ta01b amplifiers in the DAC section I used xDuoo mu601 and in the mobile version I used xDuoo xd05plus and iBasso DX170. I used files from tidal, apple music and my own music library. I used a conical cable because I wanted to maintain the consistency of the music reception.

Bass: In open headphones, which are classic sundars, one of the most common problems is the lack of good quality bass. Fortunately, world-class manufacturers such as audeze or hifiman are able to deal with this and present us with complete and reliable products. Sundara is not the type of headphone in which the bass is as dominant as, for example, in the dynamic R9, but it is present to a degree that allows very good quality listening. His character is very pleasant and smooth in my opinion. I had no problem with quality listening to rap or rock songs. I could selectively enjoy a lot of midbass and sub-bass tangible hits. The structure of the bass is arranged in a very natural way, its slight distance from the head makes us feel like in a concert hall.

Midrange: The vocal-instrumental range is always a challenge, because placing the midrange too close will translate into a tiring and unrealistic presentation, and moving the midrange too far away will give the effect of sitting in a dungeon or in a container. Hifiman in the sundara model made sure that the midrange sounded natural and very engaging. It is slightly moved away, making the stage more spacious. However, the amount of information is astonishing. Each instrument or voice has its inseparable place and delights with realism and light natural warmth. This is a very good compromise between a warm, entertaining sound and a cool and analytical approach. The vocals are clear, lively and can literally take you to the venue of a live concert. This is a great way that, in my opinion, audio manufacturers should follow.

Treble: They are amplified as is often the case in hifiman tuning, but this is not a disadvantage, because it increases our involvement in the music and the amount of information presented. There are a lot of details and they are spread out on an ellipsoidal, quite wide stage. This gives a nice effect without excessive brightening or too sharp band edges. Although I know that planar headphones do not always like tube amplifiers, I believe that hybrid amplifiers are not an obstacle for them and you can find synergies at a satisfactory level. Although in my case the XD05PLU transistor with the AKM chip worked best.

Now let’s move on to a short comparison of sundara with other headphones.
In this set, everything is mainly about our preferences, because the sundara will sound less entertaining, a bit more technical. The quality of the sundara itself is also better in my opinion. Instead of plastic, we have high-quality metal elements. Deva pro, however, wins with a more bass and entertaining form, and great functionality of bluemini which gives us a really ready-made solution in the field of amplification and DAC for our headphones.

The open version of the sundara provides more air, more space and slightly more details. The closed variant is primarily solid insulation, much stronger and better bass, and a slightly more monitor character of the sound. Closed sundars are also easier to control, which is a strong argument for mobile use.
3.HIFIMAN SUNDARA ($299) VS HE400SE($120)
It will be no secret that the HE400SE are great headphones, whose sonic value goes well beyond the prism of the price, but you can hear that they are inferior to the sundars at every step. Sundara are simply more mature headphones, presenting a higher level of sound.

Sunara are headphones that cannot be missed and passed by indifferently. Great sound, full of details and life is their strong point. Maybe they are not as fast as edition xs or deva pro. However, they make up for it with a very good fit and excellent musical quality. They have good bass, great midrange and a pleasant, slightly more accentuated treble. At the current price of $299, they are a strong contender and a solid proposition for any music enthusiast. Therefore, I will be happy to put them on my list of must-have items. Great headphones worth every sum spent on them.



Headphoneus Supremus
HiFiMan Sundara 2020 - finally reviewed
Pros: $299 - it was great at $499 Bass - slam without too much wobble SQ - all the right moves in all the right places
Cons: I still prefer my old version

Reviewed - finally​


The bestest seller ever

I know. I get to talk about lots of HiFiMan stuff. It may seem like I snap my fingers and all this stuff comes winging it's way to me. You just do not know the blood sweat and tears that goes into the turmoil of arranging one of these reviews, just for YOU dear reader! There is not enough space within the confines of these venerable pages to describe the struggle. I hope you find that the pain comes through in the emotion that pours from my every word adds a little something, a little "Trev", to the party. In other words, I am still neither richer, nor poorer, for having had the HiFiMan pallet drop a little something on its way to the rest of the dealers in the UK. Nor am I to be the last person to have these headphones. That honour rests with my brother, Graham, known more famously as "Radiocruncher" (look him up on YouTube). He has had the onerous task of fixing my audio gear, and has had a look at some rather precious items for HiFiMan lately. Being of an engineering background and possessing the family genius seems to give the man an uncanny ability to diagnose and repair faults for equipment he's never seen, has no circuit diagrams for, and no spare parts with which to get them going again. And yet, time and time again, equipment has been saved from the passage of shame back to China and has been kept in the UK, much to the benefit of those who frequent the Audio Shows both here and in the rest of the World. Thank you my brother, on behalf of me and on behalf of HiFiMan. By the time you read this, he'll be unboxing these headphones for himself. Not quite new, but not quite that old eh? He deserves them.



I wonder whether I should introduce myself? There is a possibility you've not read my work before or not come across me in your travels in the audio realm, either virtually or in the flesh. My name is Trev, I am a hobbyist, it is extremely likely that I am older than you, but please don't feel too sorry for me because I have a life full of work and play just like you do. I have been reviewing here for several years, on headfi for even longer and have 130 videos on YouTube as of the latest count. My musical tastes were formed in the 1970s, through the music my parents listened to, when a music centre was still considered to be an essential part of a lower middle class' front room, and in the 1980s, where I spent much of my time with an ear glued to my Aiwa Ghetto Blaster before I bought a Rega/Rotel/Yamaha/JPW setup with my 1st wage packet. My Mum loved Classical music and ballads, my Dad liked anything my Mum said he should put on the record player, my Grandad introduced me to Electronic Music and my brother enjoyed putting his slippers on and listening to Punk Records at life threatening volume on his garish stack system (which I envied to an unhealthy extent). In short, there are not many genres of music that I haven't had a listen to and I have interests in cassette, vinyl, cd, sacd, dvd, blu ray, digital and streaming. I have every available means of being able to play any of these things through either portable or back breaking devices. This is because I am old, not because I am rich. Perhaps I would be rich if I didn't have these things? Actually no, I'd be poorer.


That was all about me. This is all about HiFiMan. I'm going to write this up because the Sundara is the apple in the eye of our Chinese friends. The Jewel in the Crown. The Diamond in the Rust. The glittering prize. Because of this, I believe that some of you will be here because you've been made aware of the popularity of the headphone and want to know what all the fuss is about. It all started in China with a phD... No, I don't really know all of that story too well, but there came a time when headphones started getting really good, which was about the time I bought the Sennheiser HD800. HiFiMan had started with a player but quickly earned a reputation for making planar magnetic headphones at almost every price point you could imagine. The range eventually got the Sundara. When it 1st came out it was $499. The Audio World liked them. A lot. Here was a Planar that there was little to criticise and much to admire. The Sundara was full sized in every way, including the sound stage. Introduced in late 2017, a "silent revision" took place in 2020, and is still with us now. A silent revision occurs when a company changes a headphone, and tells no one. Not a soul. Silence. Then we find out. We are horrified. They come clean. We get an explanation. We are relieved. We are happy. They are happy. We all go off and play again. The revision was that HiFiMan changed the pads. They started getting the pads from a new supplier. The pads however, look exactly the same as on the originals. How to tell an original from a 2020? There are 2 ways I can see. 1 - weigh them. My original is 387g. The 2020 is a whole 3g lighter. The reason that the 2020 is lighter brings us to way no. 2 - there is glue behind the pads of the original Sundara but the new pads are so incredibly super awesome they don't need no extra fixing. This means that when you try and take the pads off the original drivers you are in for a flaky mess, cos all the thin pleather is going to be flexed by the band of glue that was designed to hold them in place for eternity. For the purposes of no glue alone, it would seem like the silent revision made sense.



You read it - do you agree? It wasn't love at first sight for me. There is a basic look about this side of the HiFiMan range - I think that the design won't alienate many, but it's plain. Maybe one should look beneath the surface for beauty? Is this the lesson that HiFiMan are trying to teach us. Oh Wise Ones....I'm all for there being more colour in our lives so this is never going to be me oohing and aahing over a matt black and grey finish. Perhaps we should get a diamond version once the Sundara reaches a million sales? Too late you say? It already has?



This is for amps - take the shiny thing at the end off if no want the amp

The specifications of 37 ohms and 94 dB may leave the odd punter in a quandary. Is that enough to work off my smartphone? Will these need an amp to sound at their best? Yes - that is enough to work off your smartphone. Yes - these will need an amp to sound at their best. A man I greatly admire, crinacle, posted an extremely persuasive video with a picture of a $20 apple dongle entitled "You don't NEED an amp". I have plugged these into my phone and I have plugged these into the HiFIMan EF1000(please google this if you haven't heard of it). They sound BETTER through an amp. You don't NEED an amp. You don't NEED a Sundara. See what I did there?

Sound Signature​

The sound stage is wide enough to raise a smile but not cavernous enough to make one fall off their chair in the way that a Sennheiser HD800 grabs you. I could throw some crazy diagrams at you - they're definitely here in my head. But perhaps that's where they should stay. You see, there is a balance between sound stage and thinness or airiness. Even eeriness could describe an unnatural in the ear environment. If you want a speaker like level of staging - why didn't you buy speakers? If you want an intimate experience - closed backs are that way please, move along please. This is in the middle. Where most open back headphones sit. The most important thing you need to know is that sounds appear close to the front of the driver and therefore get to your ears pretty quickly. This seems to make vocals easier to follow and the main instrument stands out from the crowd. The bass has slam and there is visceral subbass, in other words, air pushes pleasantly against your ears at times. The high frequencies are rolled off slightly.


Sound Quality​


Nothing changed apart from the pads


The Sundara is the best seller for a reason. I find it difficult to dislike the presentation I am given. I miss some of the micro detail I had in the original design (but nothing changed apart from the pads) and the treble is a little more rolled back in the 2020s (but nothing changed apart from the pads). For those of you out there who want to feel their music in a physical way, you'll be ok, you're catered for. And I'm not saying these are Beats in any way. No Sir. They just changed things. I spent some time being re-educated whilst listening to the SACD of Let's Dance with these on. The drumming on any one of those tracks is...Well, I just never realised how good that album was until yesterday.



I've done many Sundara v this Sundara v that mashups, but it occurred to me that I'd never really looked at it properly. I'd taken it for granted. A piece of the woodwork so to speak. It was a go to headphone because everyone knew about it. But - did I know about it? I assumed I knew what makes the Sundara tick. I think I assumed wrongly and I have enjoyed this re imagining of HiFiMan's top seller. The originals are now in tatters and waiting for replacement pads. They have definitely been overlooked by myself due to ever increasing demand for products to bring to a captive audience. I will give you some quiet time, Mr Sundara, that is a promise. For the 2020s, my brother can get his tape collection ready - they are almost with you. There'll be plenty of shouty stuff that'll keep the Sundara's contended til the end of their days.
Great review, sir! Thoroughly enjoyable to read. It feels like having a coffee or tea with a fellow audio geek and chat about gear.
Don't know how I came across wanting Sundaras today. I had put on my old old HE400 (no i, no SE, no XX) and realized how much I enjoy these .. of course, next thing one does is checking what I can do to get this in 'better' ... sure, the 400SE looks better and cheap, but might sound just the same? so, check 'level up' and i find myself scouring the web for everything Sundara ... and here is my question: I may have a chance of getting one gently used, but how can I spot if it is the revision? In some reviews it appears the texture of the cloths material is smooth instead of honey comb weave, but that is not always the case, some say the new pad thing is 'fat in the back, slim in the front' ... so, your expert take please? And is it folly to want those in early 2023 for the equivalent of 230USD? Or is there anything else I shall take a look at? Thank you kindly!
The Third
The Third
Hilarious witty writing, I managed to pick up a mint condition Sundara for 180 euro's. Probably best value for money headphone I ever bought.



New Head-Fier
I called them and asked if they could send me the price difference because i bought it for 268 euro and one day later it was 235.
the guy on the phone had no understanding and was a little bit angry.
i told them of course i could cancel the deal and buy it again on amazon. because the fiio shop is there too.
But he still didn't want to.
so now i cancel the deal and buy one from amazon.
i don't understand that. they get a used headphone back ( ok in my case not because i didn't opened it) and i get the good price anyway.

what do you guys think? am i a bad person? am i stingy?
every shop from thomann to just music do that without hesitation.

And i was disappointed because one day after i bought it, it was 249 and another 2 days later it was 235. So of course i send it back!


And is the 355 gramm the new version of the sundara?


Member of the Trade: RikuBuds
Is Sundara a good first headphone to get as someone new to headphones? coming from someone who enjoyed moondrop s8 alot
Not really, start with the Koss trio. KPH30i, KSC75 and Porta Pro and then see which one you prefer, that way you will get a better idea of what you like and all 3 of them costs just a fraction of the Sundara.


New Head-Fier
Not really, start with the Koss trio. KPH30i, KSC75 and Porta Pro and then see which one you prefer, that way you will get a better idea of what you like and all 3 of them costs just a fraction of the Sundara

Thanks for the recommendations! Will definitely search these up and look at reviews as there are not too many places where I can physically be there and try. (Just got in Oxford not long ago and still trying to explore)


Member of the Trade: RikuBuds
Thanks for the recommendations! Will definitely search these up and look at reviews as there are not too many places where I can physically be there and try. (Just got in Oxford not long ago and still trying to explore)
KSC75 is bright neutral, very airy treble and clean tonality overall, huge stage size and excellent timbre. lacks a lot of bass quantity though, but the most similar to the Sundara of the 3.

KPH30i much bassier than the ksc75 but overall good balance. Kinda like the Blon BL-03 of the hp world.

Porta Pro darker treble than the KPH30i and more bass, a bit muddy to me but if you like this one then your preference is more along the darker treble and bassier side.


Do you guys think Sundara would be an improvement over AGK702? I like detail and tone of these but there lacking bass. Also I own Hifiman 400SE which are not a match to AKG702 they almost sound compressed, I like the bass though.


Headphoneus Supremus
Do you guys think Sundara would be an improvement over AGK702? I like detail and tone of these but there lacking bass. Also I own Hifiman 400SE which are not a match to AKG702 they almost sound compressed, I like the bass though.

I had the K7xx and Sundara, and I think the Sundara should get you the bass upgrade you want without sacrificing detail and clarity. The Sundara's tone has slightly laid back treble compared to the K7xx, but not blatant treble rolloff or absurdly low response.


Not sure who actually gave the sundaras positive reviews in my own personal opinion they are absolutely trash.... Cheap materials, not comfortable, they sound dry as hell and have zero dynamics or energy anywhere in the sound.. I have tons of power to drive them so that's not the problem. They are just bad.. anyway that's my 2cents don't waste your money

Phishin Phool

500+ Head-Fier
So I just picked up a pair of these (open box for $199) as they get a lot of love and currently I did not own any planar magnetics (had a modded Fostex TRP50 in the past). Also I was looking for an open back portable pair of headphones. My go to headphones are Stax Electrostats followed by my Koss electrostats (with a touch of pEQ both are amazing). I was excited when the Sundaras showed up at my doorstep this morning. First impressions - I have always liked the industrial look so they represent well there. Plastic which I knew but build quality seems fine. Putting them on they are very comfortable, clamp pressure is just right and I think I will be able to wear these a long time without issues. What really matters though is how do they sound? - Fantastic! I am powering them with a SMSL M3 DAC (also have a modi 3 and Music hall 25.3 DAC/AMP on my desktop i'll be sampling) and a Woo Audio WA7 fireflies amp. Midrange is silky smooth and treble is forward and prominent but without being too bright or harsh. The bass and sub bass seems very tight and controlled (better than my electrostats before I eq them but not after). All in all an outstanding headphone and the price is so affordable compared to other offerings. I previously had a HD600 and Bowers+Wilkins P7 wireless which were stolen when my car was broken into. Turns out the thieves did me a favor. I was never really happy with the HD600 - it always sounded "thin" and a bit anemic to me no matter how I drove it - detailed yes but never really pleasing. The BW was a replacement when my phone dropped the headphone jack. The Sundara is a step up in so many ways and I am really pleased with it. I have a qudelix k7 portable dac/amp coming which I plan on using them with. Interested in seeing how the pEQ shapes it (the qudelix has Harman target curve presets for dozens and dozens of headphones or you can customize it) .

Initial test tracks - WIcked Games (Live) - Chris Isaac, Simple (LIve at Dick's Stadium, Colorado 2014)- Phish, Nightingale - Norah Jones, Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd, Paradise City - Guns n' Roses, Gulf of Araby - Natalie Merchant.
PC-->SMSL M3-->Woo WA7 --> Sundara


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Hifiman Sundara impressions.

I eagerly tore open the box, my Sundaras gleaming like tarnished dreams in the fading light. Reviews raved about their "otherworldly soundstage" and "three-dimensional imaging," promising a journey to auditory ecstasy. Little did I anticipate, they wouldn't transport me to a transcendent realm, but plunge me, protesting vehemently, into the abyss of the neckbeard underworld. The initial chords struck not with a flourish but with a damp, squishy thud. My eardrums recoiled, as if struck by a greasy, unshowered incarnation. The promised "soundstage" wasn't vast and airy; it was a cramped basement, heavy with the odor of stale pizza boxes and the hum of malfunctioning computer fans. The touted "three-dimensional imaging" wasn't precise, but rather a mishmash of greasy fingers, transforming every musical note into a chorus of keyboard clicks. My sanity, once a pristine haven, now resembled a battlefield of distorted realities. Voices transformed into wheezy exhales, music into the discordant symphony of Reddit threads in a musty basement. I swear I felt the emergence of a greasy neckbeard, my odor thickening to match the stench of unwashed clothes. The Sundaras, no longer headphones, had become a direct route to Neckbeard Central, population: me. Sleep transformed into an agonizing vigil, haunted by the phantom cacophony of the basement. My reflection, once human, now bore the unsettling glint of a perpetually unwashed redditor. My partner, in her tolerant wisdom, hid the Sundaras in a box lined with memes, vowing to "dispose of them responsibly." Yet, I can sense, deep within, the Sundaras still murmuring, tempting me back to the clammy embrace of the basement. So, if you seek headphones promising "clarity" and "natural timbre," sprint away from the Sundaras. Unless, of course, you harbor a desire for a one-way excursion to Neckbeard Haven, where the memes are everlasting, and the ambiance eternally musty. Just don't say I didn't caution you. You've been Sundara'd.