HiFiMAN HE-500

General Information

The HE-500 is one of HiFiMAN's best performing planar magnetic designs yet its 89dB sensitivity is higher than similar designs and allows it to be driven with a conventional headphone amplifier. The HE-500 offers impressive frequency response from 50Hz to 50KHz and with all of the dynamics and lifelike realism that HiFiMAN headphones are famous for.

HE-500 headphones are much higher efficiency than HE-6. Customers can use regular headphone amplifiers to drive HE-500.

Frequency Response: 15 to 50 KHz
Impedence: 38 Ohm
Efficiency: 89 DB
Weight: 502 g

Silver headphone cable (3 meter or 10 Feet)
leather earpad 1 pair (on the headphones), velour earpads 1 pair
1 travel case for HE Series
headphone cable connectors 2 pairs
6.35 mm plug

Latest reviews

Jordan Lewis

New Head-Fier
Pros: Clean sound, Fast Bass, Vocals on point, Treble not sibilant
Cons: Heavy, requires mods (near Pads + comfort strap), metal can appear to rust
*This is my first ever review, so please understand that I am just trying to figure out how to write this stuff properly.
I bought these headphones second hand blind (having never listened to them), but took guidance from ZReviews' great review of them.
These are my first open over-ear headphones, and my only other 'high-end' headphones being Sennheiser IE80s.
I have them paired with the HiFiMan EF5 headphone amp, which I was able to get together with the headphones for $700AUD shipped, which was about $530USD.
What immediately struck me was the clarity of the headphones. They don't muddy up the sound with excessive bass, or make them difficult to listen to with very high reaching treble. They were just a pleasure to listen to.
The HE500s also have the great Planar sound, with fast attacking bass, and overall a quick response to music, which brought out details that I have not heard of before.
There are however, downsides.
The stock pads are uncomfortable for longer listening periods, so I bought Alpha Pads to fix this. ($50). I think it enhances the sound stage a little bit due to the extra distance between your ears and the drivers.
Also, the top of the headband can make your head sore a little bit over time. I fixed this by getting an eye mask and tying the two strings to the semi-circular metal bar holding the drivers.
Loved these headphones when I heard them with Focuspads, maybe they would be a better solution than stock pads. Unless the alpha pads still retain the sound quality, since, they are quite comfortable. 
Can be bought/modded for < $540. Stock headband pads, & cable need changing. Critical audio mod is "fuzzor" Cuts down reflections/IM/ringing in mids/highs. Dynamat on the rear inside edge where the screen anchors tightens bass. Removing screen cuts musical reflections/reverberations from 500 Hz down; It's a classic, more so after mods done.


Previously known as muxamed.
Pros: Warm, open and beautifully balanced sound with immersive midrange, fantastic value
Cons: A bit heavy
HE-500 have very nicely balanced sound. The treble is clean and articulate but never being hard or harsh. The bass goes really deep and has a nicely defined punch. The midrange is perfectly balanced without overemphasizing any details. The sound as a whole has very warm and natural feeling, very life-like. Great for enjoying rather than dissecting your music. The price for these nice headphones is somewhere between $350-$450 dollars (used) which makes it quite an amazing value.
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Excellent Soundstage, very clear, well balanced
Cons: Extremely Heavy
These are the best headphones I have reviewed. They are excellently balanced, the materials for the build are very nice and feels well built. The headphones feel very heavy though, a downside of planar magnetics. I would say these are some of the best priced headphones for their value on the market.


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