Grado SR60i Headphones

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  1. 1999siguy
    Pros - Bass, Clarity, Impact, Value
    Cons - Mids are a bit scooped
    I bought these as an alternative to my UE-11 pro's.  Truth be told, my expectations weren't very high.  After owning two sets of custom iem's and two universal iem's, I wasn't expecting to be floored to say the least.  The first day I used them, they were overly bright.  I was planning on returning them, but decided to keep them for a week and decide then.  Over the course of a few days the treble lost its shrillness, and the bass came into its own.  I was worried that they would become muddy over time, but they have settled very nicely.  I am very content with my purchase, and would recomend these to anyone who wants a great set of headphones without spending more than thier ipod.