FiiO L11 Line Out Dock (LOD) Connector with USB Charge/Data Port For iPod, iPhone, iPad

  1. ferrari486
    Great all-in-one LOD
    Written by ferrari486
    Published Feb 7, 2013
    Pros - You can charge your iPod while listening to music.
    Cons - You need external cables.
    I love the L11 because it allows me to charge my iPod while I listen to music. The usb side of the L11 lets me charge and transfer music just like a regular iPod cable would. I use the L11 with the cmoy I built with my M50s
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  2. Evshrug
    True LOD, a useful accessory
    Written by Evshrug
    Published Nov 16, 2012
    Pros - Line-Out signal that bypasses the iPod's internal amp, no wires to fray, light, adds mini USB port to iPod for charging, small
    Cons - Dock connector type that doesn't clip to your iPod, have to be careful not to lose it.
    Previously, I owned FiiO's L1, their cheapest LOD. It worked very well, and was perfect for plugging into an external amp. My iPod's headphone jack has shorting and distortion problems, this gave me a secondary output AND bypasses the somewhat bright internal amp of the iPod. I would plug the LOD into a FiiO E5, and that into a cassette adapter for my car stereo. The signal became much stronger, sound quality is clearer than and more articulate than before... It sounded like I replaced the speaker drivers, and better than the FM radio.

    Unfortunately, I got line-out greedy, used the L1 portably while my iPod was in a pants pocket, and the L1's cable split and frayed quickly at the dock connection end (negligible strain relief). With the L11, I can

    • plug in any cable with a 3.5mm plug without the LOD in danger of fraying and becoming useless.
    • use the same mini-USB cable to charge my iPod & phone (and mini wifi router)
    • have a "true" LOD functionality where volume is fixed at line level, leaving volume control and gain to an external amp.
    • I can plug my cassette adapter directly into the LOD without double-amping through the E5 or using a female-to-female adapter.

    This also works great connecting my iPod's library to my receiver or, of course, a headphone amp to use headphones with.

    *Note for n00bs: this does not bypass the iPod's internal DAC, it outputs an analogue signal through the 3.5mm jack. I wouldn't be too concerned though: in a mobile environment, there will probably be enough environmental noise that you wouldn't be able to hear the difference made by an external DAC, and the iPod's DAC has good resolution anyway.
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    2. Achmedisdead
      The iPod DAC is quite good, actually.
      Achmedisdead, Nov 17, 2012
    3. nikkifm
      Would TF-10s with a L11 out of the classic make any differance other then a cleaner line
      nikkifm, Dec 6, 2012
    4. SickDelicious
      So, a mini usb to usb is included with the purchase of the L11? Or would I have to buy one of those cables separately?
      SickDelicious, Feb 11, 2013