1. Infuzion

    Fiio L11 counterpart for Sansa Fuze

    Hello people,   Without any succes i've searched for solutions for the following issue: I would like to use the Sansa Fuze's line-out and charge the Fuze simultaneously (you can think of using this in a car, for example). I came across the Fiio L11, offering both usb and line-out...
  2. S

    Lawton Audio modded, Denon AH-D2000s!

    First post! Hi my name is Troy. Title describes the cans in my current "portable" setup.   The setup being: 5(.5)th gen iPod Fiio L9 (or L11 for charge and play) pa2v2 (Thanks Gary!) LA M-D2ks (Thanks Mark and Lawton Audio Team!)   Not that I actually listen to the huge cans...
  3. Networkgamer

    Making Sure Im Getting This Right

      From this, Ive come to this conclusion of items to get to seriously revamp all these.   Fiio E7 USB dac/amp, $74 Debating beyerdynamics DT880s ($238) vs Audio Technica A900X, $244 Ipod L11 LOD cable, $9.49 (cheapest LOD cable on amazon)   My main points of contention about if...
  4. WhipeeDip

    What's the point of LOD's?

    What are the point of the LODs? Is there any difference vs the audio jack? I'm talking about something like the FiiO L9, L11, etc.
  5. zacheus

    Apple devices, moderate impedance (80ohm) headphones, a striving audiophile, and a boy.

    I'm looking to make a rig for 2 purposes   1.  for use with my 300 watt stereo system's output after being input through my mbpro.  (this stereo system is 13yrs old; nothing special)   2. for use with my iphone 4s/ipods   I have Urbanears Zinken headphones that are new.   I am looking to...
  6. zacheus

    New User, I've been browsing all evening and I'm still lost on my next purchase.

    So  I recently found that I've bought some headphones that have a bit (forgive my lack of technical terminology in my early posts) too much resistance for the equipment that I own.  I believe that's how a layman should word it, anyways.  I've got a 10+ year old RCA MP3/CD player amp, an ipod...
  7. Backfire16

    E11 with L11 Problem

    Hey guys I recently bought an Fiio E11 Amp to use with my ATH-m50's. I recieved it in the mail today, charged it up and used the Fiio L9 LOD to test it out and it worked great. I also purchased the Fiio L11 so I could listen while charging and decided to give it a try.    However when I went...
  8. FiiO L11 Line Out Dock (LOD) Connector with USB Charge/Data Port For iPod, iPhone, iPad

    FiiO L11 Line Out Dock (LOD) Connector with USB Charge/Data Port For iPod, iPhone, iPad

    The FiiO L11 is designed with a 3.5mm stereo line-out jack to Apple's dock connector, enabling output of high quality line-level audio from iPod, iPhone, and iPad that can be sent to portable audio equipment such as headphone amplifiers and power amplifiers. Designed with high-quality materials...