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  1. James Wong
    "Great value In-Ears"
    Pros - well built, great sound, good soundstage, value.
    Cons - no detachable cable, can be bright for some, isolation.

    I Bought these for myself on Amazon. There is no commercial influence. This is just my personal review to help contribute to the community. This will also be my first earphone review on head-fi.

    Purchase price – 58.98

    About Me

    Hello I am a new Head-fier and new to writing headphone reviews. I am a Junior in college pursuing a Computer Engineering degree. I will be reviewing the FiiO EX1 2nd generation Titanium diaphragm in-ears today.


    I was introduced to the FiiO EX1 2nd generation as I was looking for a pair of Dunu Titan 1 online. As I was looking I stumbled onto a pair of these which look quite similar in design and I decide to give them a try.


    The specifications according to FiiO’s site

    Type: Dynamic (13mm)

    Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz

    Sensitivity: 98dB/mW

    Impedance: 16Ω

    Plug size: 3.5mm L-shaped gold-plated stereo jack (CTIA standard)

    Cord length: 1.2m or around 3.9ft

    Weight: 18g

    Color: black


    20170527_131149.jpg 20170527_131213.jpg

    The overall packaging is great and matches the quality of their recent products packaging. While the packaging is not the most premium quality it is more than I expected for this price point.

    Included Accessories


    Inside the box includes a decent number of accessories which include 9 sets of silicon tips. A decent protective case which can fit the earphones alongside a on extra tip if you want. Also includes a shirt clip and a warranty card.

    Build Quality/Ergonomics

    On to the IEMs, driver housing looks like the Dunu Titan 1 however they are placed in an all metal black housing and is tilted to give a more comfortable fit. There are 11 holes on the inner part of the housing which gives an openness to the IEMs. The right and left drivers are easily distinguishable by a red blue color ring around the housing. the biggest difference from the Titan 1 is the cable, the cable is much smoother and will not tangle as easily. These are non-detachable cables which is okay considering that these are very well built and will likely fall out of your ear before there is damage to the cable . The Y-splitter is matte black and is compact and comes with a chin slider. There is also a rubber wrap to help wrap the cable is better just like the titan 1s. The cable terminates into an L shaped 3.5mm gold plated jack. Overall the build is very well made and looks premium. These are designed to last for a very long time.

    20170527_131437.jpg 20170527_131452.jpg

    Testing Gear

    The gear that I used was a FiiO E18 Kunlun as well as a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


    These are open IEMs with a big soundstage. These sound like I am listening to a room during a live performance. Imaging is accurate. Every instrument feels like in their right places. Other than music, in gaming such as a game like Overwatch, these performed very well. You can hear footsteps and other ques such as being used from a far in game.


    The bass has really decent quality and comes with just the right amount of quantity that most people would love. There is a small mid bass boost however it is not overwhelming at all . The bass punch feels great, these have a very rich bass which compliment with the overall SQ.


    The mids have the airy feeling that sounds amazing and even when these are U shaped, the mids really do shine. These can sound ever so recessed due to the prominent lows and highs, but the airiness along with the soundstage makes up for the flaws. Guitar tunes feel almost lifelike. The clarity is superb. Some of the female vocals sounds sharp.


    Sharp, revealing, sparkly. Might be a bit too much for the sensitive ears but as I like the signature, I enjoy the clarity from these earphones. Although, some rock/metal tracks can be a bit fatiguing. The highs are one of the best features of the EX1.


    if you’re looking for a relatively budget-friendly option to introduce you to the world of somewhat balanced, high fidelity sound, the EX1 2nd Gen is an excellent product.


    Overall, I do enjoy these and if I was in the market to buy some in ear head phones I would buy these without a single regret. They have a flat and balanced sound signature. There are very clean and have great detailed with great sound stage. They are great pair of earphones for ever day use some will like the isolation others will not depending on your use case.


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