Eddie Current Transcription Pre Amplifier

General Information

Eddie Current, a boutique, high-end audio company, announces a new addition to its vacuum tube line of audio gear, the Transcription Amplifier. The phono pre-amp captures the sound stage of the golden era of vinyl through vacuum tube circuitry that boosts low level signals with complete RIAA EQ accuracy to deliver the warm rich sound in vinyl recordings. The Transcription Amplifier is a standard pre-amp for both headphone and speaker enjoyment, designed to offer vinyl purists the ultimate high-end listening experience.

Latest reviews

Pros: Outstanding sound for both MM and MC cartridge set-ups; great value for a high-end phono amp
Cons: requires very quiet and well-matched tubes
Full review to follow - but after 30 days with the Transcription, it offers outstanding performance both with my Denon/Clearaudio Maestro MM rig and my VPI/Benz Micro LP-S MC rig.  First set of NOS tubes I tried were not quiet enough, but the second pair were, and sounded very good. 
I evaluated the Transcription in my he-man Speaker rig (Cary SLP-05 preamp/Sunfire Signature II power-amp/B&W Nautilus 800 Signature speakers).  I also listened with the Decware CSP-2 headphone amp with the Beyer T1's.
The Transcription is not a laid-back and tubey sounding at all - it's really quite neutral, and very transparent.  Not at all bright, but clean, and vivid sounding.  Soundstage is extremely well defined.  Bass is very extended and powerful when called for, but not over-ripe.  Treble is very extended and clean.  Mids are spot-on neutral.
More later, but highly recommended.


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