EarWerkz Legend Omega

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Driver Configuration: Triple Highs, Triple Mids, Dual Lows. 7-Way, 6 Crossover Points Network.

Resonance Chamber.

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Grand Master Moe "G"….Don't crossface me, bro!
Ping Pong Champ: SF Meet (2016,2017), CanJams (London 2016, RMAF 2016, NYC 2017, SoCal 2017, RMAF 2017)
Pros: Thoroughly engaging sound of the Omega, unparalleled bass, the future of true bliss has arrived sooner than expected.
Cons: The amount of sleep you may lose by listening to your favorite tunes throughout the evenings.
My main review is here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/762142/review-earwerkz-legend-omega-and-legend-r-with-comparisons.
This will house the TL;DR version:
The awesome customer service, comfortable fit, and an auditory experience like no other, EarWerkz manages to pull off a full house, a three-minute mile and maybe even Ellis Coleman's Flying Squirrel!  
Here's a couple of snippets from the review:
...The Legend R is neutral focused, but leans towards the warmer side with a bass gradient. The presentation is simply one of the most coherent and resolving of any IEM I have listened to.  The detail retrieval is colossal!  The layering has seeming real texture to it.  The sub-bass can be felt when the song calls for it.  The mids are smooth and natural.  The highs are not ear-piercing, rather, they are effortlessly presented in a way where you can enjoy them, but never hear any sibilance or feel anything other than sheer enjoyment.   The soundstage is more on the intimate side, but you feel like you are right in on the action, meaning it feels like you are actually a part of the music.  The overall sound is thoroughly engaging and non-fatiguing...
...In comparison to the Legend R, the Legend Omega elevates the entire frequency spectrum, especially within the sub bass and mid bass region.  Bass has more authority, more punch, more extension, more compliance, and as a result, contains and produces my favorite bass out of any IEM that I have ever listened to.  Mids are smoother, and the highs are still as non-fatiguing and glorious as ever.  The treble on both the Legend Omega and Legend R sounds great to me, however if you listen and want a little more sparkling treble, put a silver cable on it, and you’ll be equipped for your own version of true bliss...
Simply put, the Legend Omega and Legend R are worth its weight in whatever currency is used to purchase them, and then some!
Take care, and Happy Listening!
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