DIGNIS FOVEO case for iBasso DX80

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real leather case for the iBasso DX80 DAP

available in four colours (Black, Dark Brown, Camel, Red)

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: build quality, aesthetics, smooth & soft surface, firm & secure fit ("second skin"), good front/back/bottom protection, embossed buttons w/ labels
Cons: slightly thicker than silicone case, upper end open, volume buttons harder to distinguish than w/ silicone case


I’d like to thank Jeongjae Lee from DIGNIS for providing me with an evaluation sample of the FOVEO case in exchange for my honest opinion.

The Korean company DIGNIS exists since September 2012 and manufactures real leather cases, mainly for portable digital audio players. Besides products under their own DIGNIS brand, they also work as OEM manufacturer, one of their clients being Astell & Kern (the leather case for the Beyerdynamic A 200 p by Astell & Kern is also made by DIGNIS).

One of their latest products is the FOVEO case (http://dignis.co.kr/product/detail.html?product_no=112) for the iBasso DX80, a really nice case that I will take a look at in this review. It is available in four different colours (Camel, Dark Brown, Black and Red), I got the Camel coloured case.
The price directly from DIGNIS is 48000 KRW (~ $40) plus shipping.

Besides the general introduction and test of the FOVEO case, I will also compare it to iBasso’s original silicone case as well as the Shanling M2’s pleather case.


International customers are also very welcome at DIGNIS. For ordering, you just need to send an e-mail to dignisdesign@gmail.com, the payment can be fulfilled using PayPal. Shipping with EMS is usually very fast with three to five days, regular shipping is around two weeks.

Unboxing, Delivery Content:

The leather case arrives in a white cardboard box that has a shiny red DIGNIS sign together with the flame logo on the upper side (“DIGNIS” is a compound Latin word and stands for “from fire”, hence the red colour and flame). The front shows DIGNIS’ internet address in grey letters, below is a lug that keeps the box closed. In the lower right corner is a sticker that specifies the case inside.
Opening the lid, one will find a black sleeve which contains the leather case inside, beneath is the warranty card.
What I find really nice is that inside on the bottom of the box is a short text that describes DIGNIS’ passion for quality (“This DIGNIS product is hand made in Korea selecting only the finest materials. Our passion to uniqueness and detail insures the highest standard of quality”).

IMG_20160115_211621.jpg IMG_20160115_211630.jpg IMG_20160115_211646.jpg
IMG_20160115_211715.jpg IMG_20160115_211730.jpg IMG_20160115_211742.jpg


The FOVEO case is manufactured of two pieces, namely a large, precisely cut and folded piece of leather for the upper as well as a piece of squared leather for the back part which has the DIGNIS sign and logo stamped in. Both pieces are nicely and very evenly stitched together with colour-matched strand. The leather’s subtle structure is still nicely visible.
The upper side is open to slide the DX80 in, the lower contains a cut-out for the headphone- and line-out socket.
The shape and labelling of the buttons on the sides is nicely embossed; the front’s cut-out for the screen is very precise and fitting as well. The three buttons for playback control below are nicely stamped in with their shape and the labelling, too.
On the inside, the text from the box’s bottom for the dedication to build and design can also be found, along with a sloped pattern which consists of many small DIGNIS signs.

IMG_20160115_211909.jpg IMG_20160115_211919.jpg IMG_20160115_211924.jpg
IMG_20160115_211935.jpg IMG_20160115_212000.jpg IMG_20160115_212034.jpg


Build Quality:

The handmade case’s leather is of very good premium quality and feels valuable as well as smooth and DX80’s shape has been precisely adopted. All “raw” corners where the leather has been cut are sealed with unobtrusive, colour-matched special leather paint.
The surface feels pleasantly soft; front, back and bottom are quite stiff and reinforced to provide good protection. The stitching on the back appears valuable, too; inside, the case is softly cushioned.
The parts where the buttons are located on the sides are a bit thinner for a better sense of pressure.
Quite similar to the small DX90’s silicone case, the three buttons for playback control are firm in the centre but have a thinner revolving edge, wherefore they are easier and better to press.

Right from the first contact with the case, one can see and feel that it is a valuably made premium product.


Accuracy of Fit, Operation, Daily Use:

The FOVEO case sits firmly and securely on the DAP, like a second skin.

The on/off button on the left side is easily accessible and tactile due to its position. With the two volume buttons on the right side, that is a bit more difficult with “blind” operation, compared to the silicone case where the side buttons are easier tactile.
The three buttons for playback control on the front however are better tactile and feel better when being pressed on the DIGNIs case than on the silicone case.

For daily use, I find the DIGNIS case a bit more convenient than iBasso’s silicone case, especially when the DAP is put in the (pants) pockets and taken out from time to time: the FOVEO case is less static and therefore attracts less dust. Additionally it is smoother and as a matter of that less sticky, so it can be easier pulled out of the pocket (although iBasso’s silicone case is already a really good one with just very little stickiness and a very smooth surface, the FOVEO is even smoother).
However, the FOVEO case is a bit thicker due to the doubled back.

IMG_20160115_212301.jpg IMG_20160115_212313.jpg IMG_20160115_212349.jpg
IMG_20160115_212830.jpg IMG_20160115_212911.jpg IMG_20160115_213004.jpg
IMG_20160115_213015.jpg IMG_20160115_213023.jpg


The DAP sits firmly and securely in the case and will therefore never accidentally slip out, regardless in which situation.
The FOVEO’s front, back and lower four corners are better reinforced and stiffer than the silicone case’s, wherefore the leather case may offer more protection in these areas. Protection on the sides is about identical with iBasso’s silicone case.
As FOVEO’s top end is open, the silicone case logically offers some more protection there.

Comparison with:

Shanling M2 Pleather Case:

DIGNIS’ real leather case for the DX80 feels more premium and is better made, which is also because it is made of only two visible parts (Shanling: three) and the glued parts are less obtrusive and cleaner. On the inside, the FOVEO is slightly softer padded.
DIGNIS’ DX80 case sits very firmly and securely whereas Shanling’s case sits looser.

IMG_20160115_212533.jpg IMG_20160115_212616.jpg IMG_20160115_212647.jpg

iBasso DX80 Silicone Case:

The FOVEO case looks and feels more premium, iBasso’s silicone case looks just “normal” (although it is a quite good case (not as good as DX90’s though)).
DIGNIS’ case is a bit thicker and less protected on the top end; back, front and bottom are better reinforced than on the silicone case.
The side buttons are harder to distinguish in “blind” operation than with the silicone case, however the playback buttons are easier tactile and feel better on the FOVEO leather case.

IMG_20160115_212711.jpg IMG_20160115_211459.jpg IMG_20160115_211951.jpg
IMG_20160115_212745.jpg IMG_20160115_211909.jpg IMG_20160115_211507.jpg



The handmade DIGNIS FOVEO real leather case for the iBasso DX80 is a valuably made premium product for a very fair price (if you order directly from DIGNIS). It doesn’t only look excellent, it also feels so and fits perfectly, like a second skin.
Who is looking for a more valuable alternative to iBasso’s silicone case finds a premium product with DIGNIS’ FOVEO case.
However, there are some things where the FOVEO falls slightly behind the silicone case: the volume buttons are harder to “blindly” distinguish (quite similar to the DX80 without a case), the upper end is open and the case is a bit thicker (however it also offers better protection on the front, bottom and back).

90% or 4.5 out of 5 stars – the only thing I’d like to see and that would be an improvement were better distinguishable volume control buttons on the right side (with a similar feel as the playback control buttons) to ease “blind” operation.
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I don't remember how large the shipped package was nor do I remember its weight. Best would be to send an e-mail to DIGNIS. 
I tried emailing and ordering one, but they said it would be on their website soon and to order it there, but I still haven't seen it. Hope it comes up soon.
I would suggest to e-mail them again if it was some time ago, as they said they were considering setting up an international online shop but weren't 100% sure whether and when they would get it online.


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