DDHifi TC25i

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The TC25i is a lightning to 2.5mm balanced dongle dac/amp that is designed for use with iOS devices. Priced at 40 USD.

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ddHiFi TC25i Lightning to 2.5mm Headphone Adapter - Connect Your iPhone
Pros: Works well and remove clutter around your iPhone; great designs, build quality, and haptic.
Cons: None
TC25i Lightning to 2.5mm Headphone Adapter: is essentially the equivalent to the Apple lightning audio adapter (which I reviewed in great detail), but with a 2.5 mm output. Although all 2.5 mm cables are “balanced”, the TCi25 is not. Its sister adapter TC35i features a 3.5 mm adapter and serves the same purpose as the Apple lightning adapter. The TCi25i/TC35i have a lot of technology packed into that small enclosure: a microscopic stereo digital-to-analog converter (DAC), a stereo headphone amplifier, a microphone preamplifier, and monophonic analog-to-digital converter (ADC) – and power converters to run this all. Considering that any connector is a sonic bottleneck and that the wire in the Apple Audio adapter is the limiting factor for any premium cable, cable aficionados are better off with the TCi25.

I am expressing my thoughts in this video:

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