Cyber Acoustics 3 pc Subwoofer/Satellite System CA-3602 - Reviews
Pros: Better than the other in the same price range.. Powerfull subwoofer kick hard for a 18 watt rms 5 1/4. Everything sound good. great remote.
Cons: Subwoofer you can hear voice.. Remote always end dead.
It good.. for the price
Sounds like the sub isn't crossed over that well.... I'll pass on these
Pros: Solid Sound, Cheap, Good Customer Service
I spend my serious listening time with a pair of AKG K702s at the moment (and hopefully hd650s soon enough), but for when my friends are over and I'd like to share music or watch a movie these are great. They will certainly not blow you away, dont expect them to be much better than the price suggests. They are however leaps and bounds beyond the quality of my computer speakers and since that's what they are replacing for a very low price I think they deserve 4/5 stars. Good buy, goodbye. 
Pros: big subwoofer
Cons: sound
I know i probably sound crazy, but these are the worst speakers that i have ever heard in my whole life. i bought these new at office depot and returned them the same day.. i think.. anyway, the sound was so muffled i couldn't hear anything. no treble no bass. just midrange. if i turn bass up on subwoofer, it has an odd effect that i can't describe. ugly sound (for me) good design. try it out for yourself
Pros: Bass, control, clear sound, external device jack
Cons: could have longer wires, annoying light
great, bought at Nice bass, and sound quality. The control pad has a bass control, headphone jack, external device jack, power button, and volume.
Interesting... I've been thinking of getting a speaker system...
Pros: Killer subwoofer, nice controls
Cons: Very sensitive controls. move dial a little, change sound a lot. Control pad should stick to desk,
I bought these at a local staples business depot. I had to choose over a few other systems, that were cheaper, but I decided to go for these. They definately do not dissapoint. I can't tell how good they are, because I'm not exactly that experienced in high quality music (Although I do admire FLACs) but jeez, you can hear everything. The bass resonates through walls, so I guess that could be a con. But hey, if you don't like that get a pair of Senns. For computer speakers, I am very impressed. I could see them being added to a home theatre or something of that kind. Great buy, would definately recommend buying.