Creative Sound Blaster Jam Ultra-Light Bluetooth Headset

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Keep it light and breezy with our new member from the Sound Blaster family. The Sound Blaster JAM is a pair of ultra-light Bluetooth wireless headset that gives you freedom to roam in comfort, no matter how long your playlist is. Untethered and untangled. Freedom can't get any sweeter when you can play, pause or personalize your audio experience with bass enhancement - all within one click!

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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Sound Quality, Price, Lightweight, Great Battery Life, Easy Connection
Cons: Non-Swivel EarPads, Minimal Playback Controls
*This headset was provided directly from Creative for review*
The Creative Sound Blaster Jam is an inexpensive, retro looking, lightweight Bluetooth headset.
Surprisingly comfortable even with the lack of any sort of swivel of the fixed placed all plastic ear-peices. 
These are super lightweight headphones, you might even forget you are wearing them at times.  They are
good for static use, I would not want to run around with these, I don't believe they would stay on for too long.
Some might find the fixed earpieces to be a problem, but for me the fit was never an issue.  The pads are made
out of a light foam that helps to keep them cool when used for an extended time.
The Creative Sound Blaster Jam  has a surprisingly number of ways to be used.  First and foremost is Bluetooth.
With Bluetooth I found that connecting them to my Samsung S4 or Samsung Tab 3 was a breeze.  I never lost
connection or any interference issues.  They continue to work even when I put 15 - 20ft between myself and the device
I have them paired with. 
As a wonderful alternative, the Jam can also used via USB connection to a laptop/computer.  This allows you to
charge them while using them.  An option that is lacking in many other Bluetooth headsets.
See that elephant over there?  The big one... yeah, lets first talk about the lack of a Fwd/Rev.  Though the Jam is
a smaller headset, I am sure Creative could have found a place to put two more small buttons.  They found space
for a Bass Boost (which does seem to work surprisingly well), but no way to skip songs.  It seems to defeat the
whole purpose of wireless if I am constantly fidgeting with my phone for what song I want to hear.  I'd even just
settle for a Fwd button.  Though for some, this might not be as big of a deal if you are content with just letting
your device play without messing with it.
As a phone headset these work very well.  Easy to answer with a quick press and callback quality is spot on.
Callers were able to hear me loud and clear with minimal distortion.
Battery life is wonderful.  These will get a whole day of use with ease.  I can see these going 12 hours straight
without blinking an eye. 
Simple would be the best way to describe the overall sound.  I did not find them to be muffled.  Bass is not overwhelming
and highs are never sibilant. Soundstage is on the smaller side, but there is still enough distance to make the music enjoyable. 
The Jam does not provide much isolation.  Though great for on move, others around you will hear what you are listening to,
even at moderate levels.  Be attentive to this if you are traveling by bus or train.  As a positive I have found this to be an
advantage when walking to work.  I can enjoy my music, but still be weary of cars and other dangers around me.
I like my Jams.  I like how they sound, I like how they feel.  I love how long they last and how easy they are to use.  I still do get
bothered by the fact that they do not have Fwd/Rev buttons, but it is something I can forgive.
For this price range, the Creative Sound Blaster Jam does provide a good product.  Easy to give 4 stars and with a few slight
changes could easily be bumped up to a 5.
Nice and concise review, all important features have been mentioned. Thanks! 
Yes, there's a way to FWD/REV my friend... press the volume + button until it skips to the next or volume - button until it goes back...
Just bought these today and found them pleasantly good-sounding for the price and very light!


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