CEntrance DACmini

General Information

"A versatile, 4-input Audiophile DAC (USB, Line, Optical, Coax) + Headphone amplifier. Stacks nicely with Apple Mac mini Classic or shines stand alone on your computer desk. Features a true, bit-perfect 24-bit/96kHz USB DAC and a Class A headphone amp with analog volume control. With no listening fatigue, provides hours or high-resolution listening enjoyment."

Latest reviews

Pros: Clear, transparent and beautiful piece of engineering
Cons: AFAIK, None
Pros: size, sound, headphone amp, price
Cons: no remote, costs extra for variable out
Overall this is a great unit that will satisfy the soul's endless search for music that just sounds right.  Very detailed, awesome low resolution, great sound stage, holographic and plenty of air and body.  Sounds amazing with LCD-2rev1
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