Cardas AKG k702 Mini-XLR Headphone Replacement Cable - 15ft

General Information

Looking to fully maximize the audio performance of your beloved AKG k702 headphones? Supreme high-end cabling kings Cardas Audio in Oregon have designed and manufactured this AKG k702 replacement headphone cable at HeadRooms behest! Expect vastly improved tonaltimbral definition, an even more expansive and deeply-layered soundstage image, and a renewed sense of smoothness and detail throughout the entire audible frequency range. We highly recommend it as the ultimate upgraded cord and fully compatible with the AKG k702, k271 and k240 headphones, all which feature a detachable cord system utilizing a secure, cleanly conductive mini-XLR 3-pin connection into the left earcup. Standard 15ft length approximately Also available in the stock 10ft length and an extra-long 20ft run. All CardasAKG k702 replacement headphone cables employ a full-size 14 Cardas headphone plug which is uber-beefy and fully rhodium-plated for best sound quality performance and durability. There is a standard Lifetime Cardas Audio manufacturers warranty on defective cords for as long as you own it.


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