Cambridge Audio Azur 350A Integrated Amplifier, Black

General Information

The new 350A is truly an amplifier to be reckoned with. Separate high quality integrated circuit amplifier modules eliminate all possible crosstalk and guarantee excellent stereo imaging. Very close attention has also been paid to the quality of passive components selected and their performance potential. In particular, a very high quality ALPS black box film volume pot has been specified for its superior sound quality and excellent channel balance. This is particularly noticeable at low volumes when your awareness of left and right channel balance is most acute. The power supply is a critical component in any power amplifier and here, we've stretched our budget to the limit to bring you an oversize toroidal transformer. Selected for its very low external magnetic field and much lower noise than laminate type amplifiers - as are more commonly specified in entry-level amplifiers - power and refinement are palpable from the moment the music starts. Tone controls further enhance your listening experience giving subtle control of the frequency response and enable compensation for 'difficult' room acoustics. And for the true audiophile touch, they can be defeated using the Direct switch to ensure the shortest possible signal path. Indeed, the performance of every single component specified in the 350A has been maximised to the last degree by the engineers at Cambridge Audio's London-based R&D centre to guarantee that every last drop of your music is realised. Connect just about anything!
Just as importantly, in terms of connectivity, the 350A offers a plethora of inputs and outputs to accommodate sources of all types. iPods and MP3 players get the VIP treatment and can be connected directly to the front panel via a dedicated 3.5mm jack and matching source control. In addition, the supplied Navigator remote features iPod command codes enabling control of any iPod (except Shuffle) when connected to a suitable dock such as Cambridge Audio's new iD50.


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