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Cable Matters Gold Plated Toslink Digital Optical Audio Cable with Metal Connectors and Braided Jacket 6 Feet

  • Heavy duty Toslink Digital Audio Cable connects your Blu-Ray player, satellite DVR, CD player, Sony Playstation, Xbox 360, or other device to your digital audio video receiver. Premium Toslink cable engineered with durable PVC layers and braided jacket increases durability and protects the cable from nicks, cuts, and kinks. Polished heavy duty metal connectors and gold plated tips provide a secure and corrosion free connection. Connection Notes - Connector 1: Optical Digital Male - Connector 2: Optical Digital Male - Remove protective rubber tips prior to installation Package Content 1x Toslink Digital Audio Cable in 6 Feet Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty and Product Support

Recent Reviews

  1. Gabeh765
    Written by Gabeh765
    Published Aug 29, 2016
    Pros - Great build quality, no bends, good feel
    Cons - has clear soft plastic cover/protectors for tips that need to be carefully cut off if wanted (very small con)
    I'm using this cable with my SMSL SD793-ii because its only option for a computer is its optical output. It does its job and for $8/6ft its worth it for sure. Overall just gives the user great confidence that their product will last and is of great quality made by people that care. Of course none of this has been sought out to be proven true by me but its just my feelings [​IMG]


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