Burson V6 Vivid single in WNA MKII headphone amp

General Information

Some years ago I made my own DIY headphone amp WNA MKII. In all the years I test an changed some OPAs.
Now I test a pair Burson V6 Vivid single!
The best sound I had ever heard with (now old) WNA MKII!
My first impression, very detailed, yet musical, no noticeable sibilants, airy, space between musicians, very detailed, good micro dynamic, relaxed listening with the AKG K812.
Music: PinkFloyd - The Final Cut; Loreena McKennitt - Live at the Royal Albert Hall.
The playback chain is now fully discrete, Marantz also uses discrete amplifiers in the analog section of the SA 7001 KI CD/SACD player.

In the next time I will listen to all my test music. This will take some time.

As far as I can say with the now heard two test tracks, it can hardly sound better!
Pink Floyd, Final Cut, CD
Tr. 1, the post war dream
Tr. 12, two sets in the sunset
Cymbals sizzle silky; drums natural, spatial, plastic.
Background noises (for which Pink Floyd is known) very spatial and easily audible!

Now it's time for my Joe Zawinul CDs - 'My People' & 'World Tour'.
The first bars of 'My People' are simply fantastic with the AKG K812!
PS: My 2nd headphone Austrian Audio Hi-X65 (for relaxed listening), the K812 requires full attention, which is a bit tiring in the long run.

[I am not an native English speaker and translated with www.DeepL.com (free version)]



500+ Head-Fier
After a break - listened to some CDs with the AKG K812 again:

Amber Rubarth, Sessions from the 17th Ward.
Space between individual performers, instruments. These are clearly positioned and not blurred.
The space in between is about not anechoic, but just natural space filled with all the reflections.
Short changes in the singer's position are perceptible.
Cello very physical, natural, authentic, goes down low.
Drum beats clearly outlined, full-bodied, punchy.
Violins natural, authentic.
Overall, very spatially broad and deeply staggered.

Esther Ofarim, Esther, 1st album (ATR, 1989; https://www.discogs.com/de/Esther-Ofarim-Esther/release/7253485)
I have listened to this CD many times. Also with various headphones and various amplifiers, also through loudspeakers.
What now the AKG K812 with the WNA MKII amplifier equipped with Burson Audio V6 Vivid gives from all finest cream!
There is nothing to complain about!