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Burson Audio Swing Top Model with 4 V6 Vivid (2 V6 Vivid Dual & 2 V6 Vivid Single) Opamp

  • Go with a Swing
    Featuring SABRE32/ESS9038, the most advanced DAC chip in the world. Together with a Xmos USB receiver, Swing does PCM 32bit/768khz and DSD512 audio files with the highest possible precision. And it plays effortlessly with MS Windows, Apply OSX, iOS and Android devices,

    Apart from its top quality USB input, Swing also features a Toslink input, a coaxial input and a USB-C connector. From traditional CD transports to smartphones to gaming consoles such as the Xbox and the PlayStation, from music listening to gaming, this DAC goes with a swing!



    Swing your Way.
    Opamp rolling is a major part of the audiophile hobby. There are countless online discussions dedicated to it. It offers the opportunity to compare and appreciate different sonic performance in your own comfort zone and it is a valuable opportunity to develop listening preference and taste.

    Facilitating opamp rolling in all stages on the signal path, you can swing it your way.



Recent Reviews

  1. gto88
    Burson Audio Swing Top Model 4 x V6 Vivid Opamp
    Written by gto88
    Published Nov 2, 2019
    Pros - with all 4 stock opamp replaced with V6 Vivid Opamp further Improves all aspects of SQ than just V6 x2 at I/V stage, which is absolutely better over basic model
    Cons - Hard to go back to basic model or other DAC
    Reviewed Subject:

    Swing DAC/PreAmp with V6 vivid op-amp, 2 Dual for I/V stage and 2 Single for LP stage

    Product information can be found @ Burson Audio Swing & SS V6 Opamp

    Gears used:

    Source PC Foobar2000
    DAC Burson Swing, Topping DX7s
    Amp iFi iCan Pro
    Headphone Sony MDR-Z1R


    Burson Audio send me this Swing unit for my honest opinion, which I have posted my review on Head-Fi @ here
    After that, they sent me a pair of V6 Vivid dual op-amp to do further review which is posted on Head-Fi @ here (Swing + V6x2)

    Burson Audio sent me another pair of V6 Vivid Single version opamp to replace LP stage opamp JRC5534D, that makes this unit a top model Swing in the line.

    (Previously, this review unit has JRC5532D replaced with dual version V6 Vivid opamp already.)

    Setting: PreAmp Mode

    I use high level Preamp out, then adjust volume to around 80 to match my Topping DX7s which
    has output fixed at 2V.


    Sound Quality

    With all 4 Opamp replaced with V6 Vivid Opamp, Swing becomes top model of the 3 versions that I have reviewed thus far.

    Vocal on Swing is a tad sweeter than DX7s, especially with female vocals.
    Sound stage is simply amazing, it has the best depth and width than all DACs that I have ever listened and very good layering, low and mid don’t affect each other, it sounds as if you were in a concert as I have said in previous review for Swing with 2 V6 opamp.
    Instrument music sounds better to my taste with Swing, it is smoother and DX7s is a bit analytical with A/B comparison. With a busy music track when many instruments are playing together, DX7s is a tad messy, and Swing can sustain the layering better.
    But, like I said before, without direct comparison, both sound good on its own.

    With all Drums track, DX7s’ bass is not as punchier as Swing V6, not as strong, but still very good. Layering is not as clear as Swing V6, at times, it feels a tad of concealed when doing A/B.
    I’d like to re-iterate that Swing has very good bass, it keeps the quality and quantity makes the bass in the music very pleasant to listen to.


    With All 4 Opamp replaced with V6 Vivid opamp, Swing has its best performance. The difference between 2 V6 and 4 V6 Swing is this 4 V6 one is smoother on the mid, and has
    better and solid bass reproduction.
    But, I can tell you that both are really good over basic model, with DX7s closely behind it.
    This top model sounds so smooth which just like cut the sharp corners of a cube.
    Again, if you have Swing basic model, I would encourage you to try V6 opamp, you won’t be disappointed, and while you are doing it, I would recommend to replace all 4 Opamp, who knows maybe you can hear the best of it over time, which I am not able to within this short review period.[/td][/tr][/td][/tr][/td][/tr]


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