Bose TriPort headphones answer the call for smooth, high-performance sound in a very lightweight...

Bose TriPort - Headphones ( ear-cup ) - silver

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  • Bose TriPort headphones answer the call for smooth, high-performance sound in a very lightweight package. Hear a greater range of music whether you're plugged into a computer or on the go with a portable media device. Their ergonomic design keeps them remarkably comfortable and lightweight, even as proprietary Bose headphone technology reveals the rich acoustical landscape of your music.

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  1. cancausecancer
    Pros - Comfty, as light as air
    Cons - bass
    Ireally enjoyed these headphones. They were very comfortable and very light. I went around the globe with them using them every day for a few years and they didn't have any signs of wear or break down at all. That's not a testament to their manufacturing quality, thats just a testament to how great I am with my headphones. High 5! No? ok. They sound great but they don't do bass well. You have to keep bass boosts off and if your music is heavy on the bass then you can't crank them up too high or the bass will distort. Luckily they sound great at normal loud listening levels and you'll be able to hear twice as many instruments as with low quality headphones. That doesn't mean that new instruments will magically appear, it means that the chello you didn't notice before - you can notice it now.

    They have a big feeling sound stage. Sometimes it sounded like the orchestra was 30 feet away. That's pretty cool because my AKG k 171's don't do that. They work great for gaming. When I first put them on in Oblivion I heard the flicker of torch fire as I walked down the wall, I didn't know torches made sound until that moment. Other sounds appears like water dripping in caves, clothes rustling.. they really give a lot for their price.

    If you're used to cheap $50-$80 headphones or ipod ones then these will be great. Just be aware that the bass distorts at high volume with bass heavy songs.

    I now use AKG k 171's because I forgot My triports in a hostel in Scandinavia. When I first got my AKG k 171's I wished I had my triports instead because they were much more comfortable and I prefered their sound more. Honestly I don't know which is better between them, I just know I really enjoyed my triports a lot and these AKG k 171's are just 'ok'.

    If you want a free pair of triports, look at the hostel in Copenhagen.:)
  2. Uncle Erik
    "One of the worst headphones on the market."
    Pros - You don't have to buy one.
    Cons - The whole package.
    I've listened to the Triport on several occasions.
    The first time was memorable - I was convinced that a vandal had damaged the drivers of the display unit.  Surely, they could not sound this bad.
    So I went to another pair at the store.  They sounded just as bad as the first.  So were the third and fourth pairs.  I wasn't expecting anything great from Bose, but was surprised at how poor these sounded.  Even the free Buds that come with an iPod sound better.

    The Triport is muddy and awful down low.  The mids are recessed and unappealing and the highs are practically non-existent.  There are no good qualities to these headphones.  If you're in the market, buy something else.  There are dozens of other headphones that offer great sound and enjoyment at a lower price.
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