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Bluetooth noise cancelling

Bose QuietControl 30

  • Bluetooth noise cancelling

Recent Reviews

  1. Pawn
    Maybe the most useful audio piece for frequent travelers
    Written by Pawn
    Published Nov 2, 2016
    Pros - Battery life, noise cancellation, convenient
    Cons - Price, audio quality is only ok
    You can already tell if this iem is for you by looking at the pros and cons. I personally use it a lot due to the sake of convenience (rechargeable battery, noise cancelling, wireless) and it gets the job done. I might give this a five stars had it been priced $150, but every Bose overcharges. Audio quality is nothing spectacular, nor is it bad- it is acceptable. These are the best Bluetooth/noise-cancelling iem on the market so far, to me at least.


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