Beyerdynamic XP1


New Head-Fier
Pros: Heavy and punchy bass, good build quality for the driver housing, flat cable.
Cons: Highs are very thin, mids are a little shallow and dark sounding, sound signature might not suit majority of listeners
Before I begin with my review of the Beyerdynamic XP1, all of the below are solely what I’ve managed to get out of the IEM, I suggest to try it out or read some other people’s review to get a clearer picture of the IEM, as my opinions are not absolute and other ears might have listened differently. 
Sound: First of all, this IEM is one of the three IEM that Beyerdynamic released for the Asia IEM market, the XP1, 2 and 3. The XP1 being the bassiest of the two. Since the backstory have been explained, as said XP1 is the heavy bass edition, hence the bass is as expected, heavy, punchy and tight, bass heads will rejoice. Now to the crucial part, highs are paper thin, the IEM struggles a little on instrumental songs ( Piano mainly ) the bass is so heavy that it actually covers up the highs and the mids unexpectedly filtered, on vocals it sounds like there’s a layer of low pass filter on it, a little subtle but to my ears it’s very obvious. Hence, this is the breaking point that separates this IEM from “ This is for everyone but it’s more punchy on the lows “ to “ This IEM is only catered for people who love EDM and nothing else “ because if you are into vocals but you are trying to find an IEM with a little bit more bass (  I suggest the XP2 ). With that said, if you’re a bass head or IEM lover that just want that bass to hit you on the face, then the XP1 is for you, its pounding bass will cater your need.
Soundstage: Thru my ears, this IEM have a narrow soundstage more like just one straight line “l”
What’s in the box: IEM, suede carrying pouch, dual flanged and standard S, M, L silicone tips and airline adapter.
Verdict: Because to say that this earphone sucks is really just downright not respecting it, so I will give this IEM two results, one for what it's made and cater for, one for general listening,
For what it's design for, which is to cater bassheads, this IEM does a very good job at it, pounding bass and it's less define mids really doesn't affect your EDM listening experience. Hence a 5/5 for this section.
For general all purpose listening: This IEM is really not for you, if you are into pop songs or jazz or maybe just instrumental ( Piano, maybe? ) this is IEM is not for you, because of it's thin highs and it's a little more to the dark and muddy side mids. 3/5 
Happy Listening.


1000+ Head-Fier
This is suitable for people who demands bass in IEM, and beyer has done right by using flat cable, tangle free