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Beyer Dynamic DT 880 Premium 600 OHM Headphones

  1. nikp
    5 Stars.
    Written by nikp
    Published Dec 17, 2011
    Greetings, this is a very brief review of the DT880 Premium 600 Ohms. 
    First of all, let me start by saying that these cans are the most comfortable pair I have ever experienced so far. The clamping is very soft and has light pressure on the head. Beyerdynamic cans have legendary comfort.
    SQ wise, the DT880 is a great all rounder. Every part of the frequency response is perfect and not recessed in any way. It is very full sounding and I haven't have a thought that something might be missing. I find them neutral sounding with a good bass response and they offer astounding clarity. Oh and have I mentioned that they are smooth? Of all the tracks I listened to, I don't think harshness even exist. Soundstage and instrument separation is remarkable - not huge but not small either. They sound fantastic with all the genres I listen to and I can say that they are one of my favourite cans of all time. 
    One more thing to mention, they do require solid amping. I've tried using them with no amp and failed miserably. But other than that, it's all perfect. Five stars all the way.
    Verdict: Excellent cans, recommended A++. 
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    1. Chris J
      Nice review!
      I have a pair and I am really enjoying them.
      I like the sound I get out my DT880s from a La Figaro 336C.
      Chris J, Dec 19, 2011
    2. wahsmoh
       Great review! I wish I never found the DT880s because they are slowly ending my Head-Fi quest for sound :[ I've even read a review comparing HD800s and DT880 600ohm. To gain that 5% improvement in sound quality for the 500% increase in price is a deal breaker to me. Damn, I hate the nature of this game but seems like once you go mid-fi, you realize summit-fi is for the people with unrealistic expecations.
      wahsmoh, Sep 25, 2013
  2. Zombie_X
    Awesome Reference Headphone
    Written by Zombie_X
    Published Dec 31, 2010
    Hi all, Zombie_X here with another review! This won't be as in depth as the T1's review but I will give you all the needed info. 

    The Beyerdynamic DT880 sound can be classified as being treble oriented with slightly recessed mids (will get tot hat later) and having slow or muddy bass (will get to that as well). 


    - Source: PC via Pop-Pulse SPDIF-II (to Optical), Marantz VC6001 CD Player 
    - Amp: Woo Audio WA3+, Audio-GD ROC 
    - DAC: Music Hall DAC25.2 (with NOS Mullard E88CC tube) 
    - IC's : ZXAC custom made RCA and XLR cables 


    I find the treble on the DT880/600Ohm to be slightly smoother than the 250Ohm and 32Ohm models out there. It's very extended and crystalline in it's presentation. I find it to be harsh on poorly mastered or recorded material but when used with reference grade material the treble is to die for. Very articulate and grain free. 

    Many say the DT880 is leaner in the midrange but I have to say they are not. The treble shines over the mids and makes them seem recessed or muted. The mids are very transparent with lots of detail and also have great resolving capabilities. Vocals sound very nice and realistic and guitars have an edge to them which is very nice. 

    Yet again I hear this talk of the slow and muddy DT880 bass. The 250Ohm has this as well as the 32Ohm, but not the 600Ohm model. The bass is very punchy when needed and is very extended with great texturing and layering. It's is also not sluggish in anyway as long as the recordings bass is not that way. The bass is very tight and well controlled without being to dominant of the sound. Many on [...] have said that the DT880 also has bloated bass which is simply not true. 

    The soundstage is very well layered and offers a lot of detail and separation of the various instruments. I find it to be quite accurate and spacious with good air. In comparison to the HD600 it is a bit bigger in terms of width and depth of the presentation. It's not the biggest out there but it is better than others. 

    These 600Ohm headphones need strong amping. I would recommend a nice OTL tube amp for them like my Woo Audio WA3+. They need a significant voltage swing to function properly.
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  3. dukja
    Excellent sonic imager
    Written by dukja
    Published May 18, 2010
    Pros - soundstage, focusing, clarity
    Cons - less impact of bass
    It takes no effort at all to "see" the virtual soundstage with DT880/600ohm.  The soundstage is deep and wide with pin-point-like focusing.  In the mean time, the integrity of the all frequency range is well maintained which results highly realistic and vivid embodiments of sonic sources.  It gives me a feast of sonic "motion picture" and brings me the unbeatable enjoyment (up to now).
    One of my DT880/600 is recabled to balanced cabling.  Powered by Audio-GD's Phoenix and Ref-1, the transparency, details, and vast soundstage wowed me  for a long time.  I always thought that may be due to the balanced system.  Recently, I found that the SE DT880/600 with Decware CSP-2 may be another combo that is capable of highly refined and revealing SQ.  This is the system that makes me aware the true potential even with SE DT880.
    Consider the price which is about 1/3 of current top model, I just cannot thank Beyer enough for such gem.
    Highly recommended!