Beats Studio by Dr. Dre - Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

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  1. sneaglebob
    "Beats By Dr Dre Studio"
    Pros - Booming bass, Noise cancellation, clear highs(to the untrained ear,and compared to the beats solo, which are incredibly muddy) very comfortable
    Cons - Battery life, distortion at times, songs that have been formatted badly sound terrible, prone to theft, somewhat high pricetag, paying for looks
    Before I got them stolen by a kid at school(the police are investigating) I really did enjoyed them. well to begin with I have never tried any akg,high end sennheiser, grado,denon, ultrasone, ect. gear so I can't compare to that, but to me the sound quality was great compared to the solo which the majority have.
    The highs on the headphones are clear, there is no distortion and no muddiness compared to the beats solo, which are outright awful.
    I didn't get too much time to experience these headphones because of them being stolen, so sorry, I currently have no information on the mids for these headphones
    Now here is where the beats studio excel at. The bass is very strong and boomy, but sometimes it may overpower on some songs and can also distort. 
    That is all people, first review, probably not the best
  2. FasterX
    "Don't waste your money"
    Pros - Decent soundstage, good bass, decent noise-cancelling, I guess they look sorta cool and stuff
    Cons - Incredibly overpriced, waste of money, sloppy, bass over shadows mids and highs
    The good--
    Pretty much all of my friends thought I was the man. In fact, I'm pretty sure like 5 other kids bought them because they saw me wearing them. I wouldn't say that these headphones are bad at all. For some reason all "audiophiles" proclaim that Beats are horrible without really listening to them all the way through. They are a good pair of headphones for someone who's looking for bass that overshadows everything. They are also comfortable at first but after a few hours your ears start to hurt from the pressure. They also have decent noise cancelling.
    The bad--
    The bad is, is that they are no where near as good as any other pair of headphones out there today. I tried the Shure SR440, ATH-A700s, and the Grado Sr60is and I can say that all of those headphones beat the Studio beats in a landslide. For some reason, Monster gave the placebo consumer affect that bass is everything. And now all people who buy beats, buy them because "oh they have amazing bass". Yeah... I'd like to tell them to get get some LCD2s... then come back to me. I feel like the mids, and highs just dont appear to me as well as the bass. These headphones are also INSANELY OVERPRICED. Not only that, they have inferior sound quality to audiophile headphones. These headphones are WORTH about $70 dollars. Not even $70.
    The ugly--
    They could be well respected headphones among the audiophile community but they aren't.
  3. Lan647
    "You know what you pay for..."
    Pros - Cool-looks, great portability, fun-sounding sonic signature
    Cons - Sound quality (for price paid), build quality, background noise.
    I bought these on a trip, mostly for noise cancelling on the airplane, and because my previous portable headphone broke. I was fully aware that I was buying an overpriced headphone, as far as sound quality goes. I compared the sound of these to a friend's 50 dollar skullcandy, and the only relevant difference was treble and bass quantity between the two. So here's a review, where I won't review the cans as if they were my 1000 dollar Sennheisers, but for what they actually are.
    First of all, the beats are attractive, in a fashion-like way. The sleek design and high gloss black finish looks sweet, and details like metall and the logo on top of the headband give them an exclusive look.
    Comfort/fit is pretty good, but the small earpads sometimes heat up my ears and the pressure of the headband can start getting uncomfortable after a while. The noise cancelling function (requiring batteries) works okay, but the headphones starts to leak sound at higher volumes and a low noise is always heard when music is not playing. The headphone is foldable, making it easy to transport while on the move, and a useful mute switch on the right earcup is a big +. The cable is detachable, but it appears to make static noises at times.
    Build quality isn't something to cheer for. The plastic design and materials on headband and earpads feels cheap, and the earcups rattle. Construction is pretty solid though.

    About the sound...
    The first thing I noticed was the complete lack of soundstage openness. The quite aggressive sound signature is clearly coming from the left and right. No center image, no air and no depth at all. It just sounds very fake and electronic.
    The highs are clearly flawed, being noisy and sometimes piercing with strong treble presence in the music (some female vocals for example). The mids are pretty sweet with more relaxed female vocals, but overall dry and soulless (kind of what you would expect from a 30 dollar headphone :p)

    The bass lacks any sense of realism, lacking air and power. The kick is there, and hip hop entusiasts will appreciate how the bass performs, but for anything else than electronic, mainstream music - this won't cut it.
    You should get these if you consider design more important than sound quality. The detachable cable, mute-switch and noise cancelling are all useful, and I would highly recommend it as a portable fashion headphone - if it weren't for the price.
    For the person who's not into headphones and just care about looks, these would probably seem very expensive. I'm not that person, and the price didn't really hurt my budget that much, but as a serious listener I look at these for what they are: a fashion accessory. The sound quality is not good enough for a serious listener expecting a 300 dollar headphone of this kind to deliver value. 
    As far and sound goes, NOT recommended.
  4. Sil3nce
    "Epic Fail"
    Pros - Earth-Shattering Low-end
    Cons - Clarity, Detail, Price, Mainstream, Disgusting battery consumption
    It's about time I warn prospective buyers how bad these are.
    Have tested them in stores, at home, and have concluded that these are exceptional fart cannons with a built-in toilet.
    Spend your money elsewhere.
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  5. steffanan
    "Goods, Bads, and more!"
    Pros - stylish, good for hobby dj, good warranty
    Cons - built flimsy, overpriced, marketing scam
    the good~~~
    if you have heard these things, there is something very addictive about them. they are a very nice looking pair of headphones, and they sound very good to the untrained ear(heavy bass, good highs). These headphones also come with a warranty that lasts one full year, and i like how when mine broke, they sent me a new pair sealed in box the second that they received my defective ones.
    the bad~~~
    these things are super flimsy! have you ever heard them in best buy? chances are you heard one ear of them! mine broke even though i completely baby them, and i had to send them in to get fixed by warranty. When they are put on a HATS machine, they have bad ratings in distortion, tracking, and worst of all, frequency response.
    The ugly~~~
    The worst part about these to me, is how genius the marketing team for monster is. one thing about these headphones, is that they are called "studio high definition) well, there isnt really a "high definition" standard for headphones, and if there was, these wouldnt be it. I feel kinda like i was lied to by them in a way. also, they are called "studio" and it says their purpose is for people recording in the studio. well, in reality, we all know that people in the studio use headphones that have super super flat frequency response, and they are normally pretty ugly. there is a lot of stuff done on tv to make these look better than they are. they sound great yes, but they arent what they are said to be. in the end, im very sad that i hate these so much because I remember loving them to death in the first place. i have learned a lot about audio since then, and can do a lot better than these headphones in the given price range
  6. gdeth
    "pretty good, but not for everyone"
    Pros - sounds pretty good, design, convenience, interesting features
    Cons - needs batteries, over the ears
    well, surprisingly, i actually like the sound from these.  and when i travel, these are the ones i take with me.  they fold up into a pretty compact semi-hard case.  i like how you can press one side to cut out the music so you can listen to someone who wants to talk to you.
    what i don't like is that it isn't circumaural but, that is my personal preference.  in addition, it needs a couple of batteries to work actively.  i wish it would've at least just worked passively w/out the batteries.
    i got them pretty cheap from an authorized dealer (online) so look around b/c i wouldn't have paid full price either.
  7. jace112
    "Disappointed after a short demo"
    Pros - Design and comfort.
    Cons - Too much bass for my liking. Too expensive.
    Very unbalanced sound for me. I couldn't try too many different kind of music, but the fat bass was way too much for me. I thought the demo model was damaged. [​IMG]
  8. 2rooi123
    "Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones"
    Pros - Good sound quality, strong bass, built in amplifier, comfy
    Cons - cheaply made
    I dont know why lots of headfiers keep on bashing this brand but honestly the studios are pretty good. Clearly the bashers and those who have joined the bandwagon havent tried them, dont own them, or tried them with a crappy source. Im not affiliated with monster but im trying my best to be as non bias in this review. First off the studios have strong bass, neutral mids, and clear highs. Ive been comparing them to audio technica es10, denon d1001, bose on ear, audio technica ws70, akg k181dj, and many more. I found out this had a unique sound from others which is non fatiguing. It might be true that for $350 msrp, these are a rip off but i got mine brand new for $150 so what can i say? Those looking for fun sounding headphones coupled with mediocre noise cancelling then these are the ones for you.
  9. lllee
    "I like 'em. "
    Pros - Comfortable, good noise canceling, juicy bass
    Cons - Cost, maybe durability
    Love the design and the headphones are very comfortable.  Most importantly, the bass is nice and fat - call me strange, but I like it that way.  There are some small screws that have been working their way out over the last few months, but I was able to contact Monster for a replacement screw that popped out completely.  Overall, I'm happy with these headphones -- there are others I tried that cost a little less but these fit me best.