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Pros: price, soundstage, sound quality and gaming immersion after eq
Cons: imaging, bass
ve monk plus.jpg

I tuned mine this way for listening to classical music and it has made them come alive. Absolutely spectacular.
The difference eq makes for gaming is sensational. I hopped into a game of Battlefield 3, applied the above eq and just listened for a moment in awe of the immersion they created. imaging could be better, especially depth (there is none really to speak of), however what can you expect given the crazy low price!
I think they may even better better than my TIN T2 (at 5 times the price) and better in some respects (soundstage and gaming immersion) than my Audio Technica A900!
edit: I also purchased '12 Pair (24 pieces) Foam Earpad Replacement Sponge Covers for Earbuds/Earplugs/Earphone (Grey) ' for them which helped their comfort!
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This is so strange. I tried your EQ settings with my Monks, no way on Earth. What is up with that peak at 3K? I can only explain this with your Monks must be damaged, or your ears :) For me this results in a screeching, unbearable sound.

I also gave the EQ settings from here
a shot. There are some for the monk. These were "ok", but subjectively not making the sound "better".

I am otherwise using the Monks for years with a simple "increase bass, increase trebles" curve which work quite well and gives really good sound. Just tying to understand how you came up with your strange EQ there.

Regards, G.
@flexy321 I have a similar EQ for my monks though I don't use values so extreme like his. I only go -6 at 80hz, +6 at 20hz (which does practically nothing since the monks to fall off hard at sub bass like most buds) and +4 for the 4 khz. I came from using an mx365 which has a flat frequency response.


The monks sounded very boomy to me right out of the box, I think VE increased the bass to suit bass heads which many "mainstream" audio products do like Beats. I agree 100% the imaging in these buds are terrible, soundstage is terrible to me too.