Reviews by weirddub


Pros: Awesome sound quality, build quality, quite cheap, pocket size, expandable memory
Cons: Poor User Interface, Screen size, poor navigation, quiet pops between tracks
Build Quality
First impressions are very good this thing feels almost bulletproof tough, its heavy for its size but thats not really a bad thing it just means you always know its in your pocket

User Interface
Okay I didn't expect great things about the UI of the C3 after reading some reviews but its not that bad yeah its fiddly sometimes unresponsive and make me wanna throw at the wall in frustration but you can forgive it because this thing sounds so good, the touchscreen is very sensitive and lights up when you press something its not exactly the most stylish of interfaces but its simplicity over aesthetics here

Sound Quality
I was using my iPod before I got this and I thought about upgrading my source, I saw this mentioned in Head fi somewhere and checked it out, I'm glad I did this thing sounds awesome!
Its clarity and detail are outstanding this makes me wanna listen to every song I have only to discover new things I never heard before, this thing makes me look at my iPod with disgust, you may hear a pop between tracks sometimes but its barely noticeable, heres the songs I used to test the C3 using the 'Rock' setting on the EQ:

Pogo - Hundred Acre Rain
Stumbleine - Kaleidoscope
Diiv - Follow
Breakbot ft Irfane - Baby Im Yours

This is one amazing device worthy of the audiophile name and if does has a few flaws but the sound quality is what you buy one of these for and you will not be disappointed there.
This is indeed a good portable player come with good price,glad that you like it
"you may hear a pop between tracks sometimes but its barely noticeable"
They say that this is due to tag information from source file. Files without tag info should work without pops.


Pros: Very well made, They look awesome, big soundstage, nice punchy bass.
Cons: Cable is long, 6.5mm adapter
Design/Build quality
Straight out of the box these feel strong and look like they have been put together very well, they have a beige colour with shiny wood accents and they look awesome!
They are like the Aston Martin of the headphone universe, they just look and feel classy and expensive.

At first these didn't sound so great out of the box they sounded dull grainy and lacked bass completely after burn in however these opened up nicely, Bass is tight and punchy with a nice subtle low end but definitely not superfluous or over the top,

Treble is these cans strong point they have a lot of detail and are unforgiving of low quality music any mp3 below 256kbps sound awful
The soundstage/separation is amazing these shine on just about any genre I put through them, male vocals especially sound excellent.

These really are the complete package I recommend them too
well done Sennheiser!
pm. me if you want to have a shorter cable :wink:
Where did you get them for $120