With this music player C3, you can know what is perfection. It can bring you much surprise and...

Colorfly C3

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  • With this music player C3, you can know what is perfection. It can bring you much surprise and convenience. You can enjoy the clear music which is like true,feeling the special beauty.

    ·24BTT-high quality music, accurately restore the music scene

    ·Independent PA DAC--- Digital-analog circuit isolation

    ·Fourlayer Immersion Gold PCB---increase anti-jamming capability

    ·Metal case---so much better texture,high Shielding capability

Recent User Reviews

  1. Jiawen Zhen
    "A nice dap into the audiophile world"
    Pros - Great sound
    Cons - questionable interface, no cover art, and limited features, popping noise, sometimes buggy
    This dap is fantastic and better sounding than my LG V20, which is weird because with all the hype and the 32 bit quad dac, the V20 under performs in comparison. It's going for 50 on Amazon so I'm tempted in buying a bunch and gifting them. Lots of issues but I can overlook most of them
  2. mrjimmybob
    "Cheap and nice little sounding DAP."
    Pros - Sound quality.
    Cons - User interface. Build quality.
    The ColorFly C3 is a nice little DAP. With good sound quality. And is all very well if it works. But the user interface is rather bad and glitchy. My unit started doing strange things. Like flashing and skipping songs as if a button was held, it was impossible to select a song o manipulate the DAP in any way. It was unusable until reset. And that happened every 30 minutes. Very dissapointing because it started acting up not very long after buying it. Totally put me of any Colorfly products for future purchase.
  3. watchmania
    "Accurate and detailed sound in a compact package"
    Pros - Sound accuracy and quality, amazing MP3 decoder, battery life
    Cons - Love--hate relationship. Wait, is that a pro? Stuttering/buffer underrun on EVO 128GB
    I won't go in depth on the sound quality as I think other experts had already encompasses their opinions on it. But in summary, I would say this thing is a couple of notch better in sound quality compared to Sansa Clip+, with lighter and much more controlled bass yet more forward mids. I wish it supports higher sampling rate of 96KHz, currently highest quality is stuck in 24-bit/48KHz WAV. But no biggie, 16-bit/44.1Khz FLAC already sounds well enough. What is also interesting is, it seems to have very lively sounding MP3 decoder.
    If you want music and just music with maximum portability, then this is it. No gimmicky features, no file sorting, no playlist, just directories and music files. You'll have to use DriveSort to sort the entries in the FAT32 partition table. I will not recommend DriveSort as I at least had two files being corrupted due to it, and was confirmed with the md5 sum check. I've now migrated to "fatsort" on my Mac, and haven't had any problem yet.
    The design is unique and admirable, though not utterly beautiful. It's small enough for carrying in your shirt pocket, but won't be light enough to be clipped on your shirt. I wish it came with Sansa Clip+ UI hardware allowing Rockbox, lighter plastic case, shirt clip, and microphone. Really, it is begging an update, something like Colorfly C3S. Or instead, maybe an upgraded Clip+/Zip should sound like this?
    If you're an audiophile, owning a couple portables of Sansa Clip+ and Colorfly C3 won't hurt, complementing your favorite desktop DAC.
    Unfortunately I haven't had any luck overcoming the constant yet random buffer underrun/stuttering on the EVO 128GB microSD card, which wasn't resolved by changing to 4K, 32K, or even 64K cluster size.

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