Reviews by soundeffect


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: airy, smooth, comfortable, slick looking
Cons: None
Wow after not being active in head-fi for a couple of years and finally being back to be able to own a good headphone like the HE400 is such an honor.  I stop searching for awhile after owning the D2000 and now I wanted to find something to compliment the D2000, I decided to search.  I finally reached the HE400 and it reminded me what I love about this hobby and why I love headphones.  The HE400 is a headphone you can truly appreciate with smooth mids, nice black background, none offensive sound, open, comfortable, and look professional to boot!  I can't say more as everything can be found here in head-fi and to me word can't explain what these headphone can give.