HiFiMAN HE-400

General Information

Orthodynamic (aka planar magnetic) full size, open-back, over-ear headphones.

Sensitivity: 92.5 DB
Impedance: 35 Ohm
Weight: about 440 gram or 14.5 Oz
Frequency response: 20Hz to 35 KHz

Latest reviews

Pros: Highly resolving transient headphone for it's price class, massive and linear bass for an open headphone, soundstage is good and imaging very organic, speaker-like presentation due to double-sided planar magnets
Cons: While the bass is neutral the 20-30hz department is a tad loose, the mids can make some songs sound a bit nasal and other songs sound very organic, same applies to the highs they are quite peaky and not very smooth or singing. Not the end game headphone for all genres but a clear contender for being one of the funnest headphones around.
I have owned my HE-400 for over 3 years now. I have gone through a love hate relationship with them as they simply are not the jack of all trades headphone I was looking for. However, over the years I began to appreciate their outstanding qualities they do posses. These cans go incredibly good with trip hop, hip hop, instrumental and orchestra. Vocal based music is a hit or a miss. Males can end up sounding quite a bit deeper but sometimes missing that organic warmth due to the rise of the 1k region and scooped mids after which make vocals sound nasal. Same applies to women vocals, but that is caused by the peaky highs. Again this depends on the track and how it was mastered. Bright songs tend to be too peaky and the highs on this headphones do not pair well with that, warm mastered songs have no problems. However, movie soundtracks, movies themself, games, instrumentals and complex passages are fantastic. American music sounds fantastic too think of hip hop, rap or pop songs. Their imaging and soundstage are good for gaming too. These headphones have lightning fast transient response, and have a tremendous way of imaging the sound in this almost holographic fashion. They tend to still give me that surprise or waw moment even after all these years. They do sound better when around the 90db mark and not lower, but listen with care people. Also, make sure your room has no fridge or such in the background as any background sound messes with this headphone's clarity. They leak massive amount of sound so it's a headphone for private listening. All in all, these are definite keepers. They are so good for their price range that I decided to buy a second pair in case they become too rare over time. This headphone is a clear step above dynamic headphone offerings under 500$. Their achilles heel is that the stock frequency response is not for all tracks which is also why I will buy a HE-500 alongside these, comparisons will be made in the interest of time. If you are looking at Planar's look at the HE-6, HE-500 or these. The double sided magnet design give them a more organic and speaker like presentation that not even the newer planers from Hifiman can match.
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Nice review, I've been using mine for six years. I use EQ that addresses the issues you describe, PM me if you'd like it. I also use Ori pads, which change the sound for the better.
Pros: Excellent Bass, Amazing Sound Stage, Great Price, Comfortable
Cons: The Highs are a little to amplified, sometimes painful
These are amazing, especially when paired with the EF-5 amplifier. Would recommend to people looking at headphones under $500. The quality and soundstage is unbeatable, works wonderfully with all types of music.
Pros: best sound at its price for sure, annoying treble spike can be EQed, soundstage, isolation, detail, instrument separation, detail
Cons: EQ is off but if you tweek it, lower 8k-16k range by -20db, (and possibly raise 2-4k by 5db) problem solved, not too comfortable
Most people hate this headphone because of annoying treble spike and low mid treble but if just need to tweek EQ to see its potential.


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