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Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Comfy
Warm sound sig means you can listen for hours
No sibilance
Good bass and mid bass
Thick mids
Cons: Average sound stage
Average treble
Will not inspire neutral/detail head-fiers

Dual Dynamic 6mm & 9mm
MMCx connectors
Cable: 1.2 m with Mic ( 45 degree tip )
Resistance: 16Ω
Price : $26.63

- S,M,L ear tips
- Rubber Casing


This is the first IEM that got me started in level chi-fi. Reason being there's not many branded IEM that uses dynamic drivers. Mostly they prefer to use BA but recently Dynamic Drivers are making a coming back ( similar to Vinyl ) because of it's expertise in the lower end (bass) of the sound spectrum.

The reason DD has better bass is due to the large drivers that is able to move more air volume. Imagine bookshelves vs floorstanders, who has the better bass? Of course it's the latter

The IEM is easy to drive and comes with a rubber casing. Besides that, the stock cable comes with a MIC which is useful for smartphone users.


To the unitiated it looks very much like Shure 215 and according to some Head-Fi-ers, it's much better than Shure which costs $99.

It's pretty comfortable as the IEM is quite small as compared to the KZ ZS5 ( current Flavor of the Month ).

Regarding the FIT, like any IEM, it must be sealed properly in order to obtain a much fuller sound with good bass. As I have JVC Spiral Tips on hand, I used them instead of the stock ones. It gave me a better seal ( a few db isolation from the environment and it gave me significantly improved bass )

You may also tape the vents to increase the mid and sub bass. It's a free upgrade, why try if effort is low and returns are huge :)


In general, the sound signature is dark/warm and one can listen to the Tennmak without any fatigue for long hours. Sound stage is slightly above average.

Bass is punchy ,controlled and taut with emphasis at the mid bass. Minimal sub bass but it sounds thick due to the mid bass bump.

Vocals are forward and thick and it would appeal to those that like it forward.

Warm signature, No sibilance with good enough details. If you're a detail freak, you might not like this IEM.

It's a dark IEM with emphasis on the bass and thick mids. Due to SE215 inspired design, it's very comfortable and it's ( safe ) sound signature will appeal to most of us as I keep picking up this IEM eventhough I owned the MEMT X5, ZS5 , Xiaomi Pro HD.

I would suggest getting the JVC Spiral Dots and do the vent mod and pair it with a neutral/brighter dac/amp.

Thanks for reading my review.
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