Tennmak Pro Dual Dynamic Driver Professional In-Ear Sport Detach Earphone Headphones with Microphone & Remote(black)

General Information

2016 newest dual driver dynamic in-ear sport earphone with Microphone & Control Headphone Earphone specifications: • Style: In-Ear • Line Length:1.2m • Resistance:16Ω • Use: Mobile Phone • Communication: Wired • Plug Type: L Bending • Sensitivity:100±3dB • Connectors:3.5mm • Function: Waterproof, Noise Cancelling, Microphone, Common Headphone, For Routine Office Work, For Mobile Phone, Portable, HiFi Headphone ,Sport, Supports music • With Microphone: Yes • Frequency Response Range:10-20000Hz • Model Number: Pro • Accessory : eartips 2pairs • Comptible with :IOS series and Android CTIA mobile package included: • 1xPro earphone • 2xeartips • 1xearphone case

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Pros: Extremely well detailed and balanced sound, Punchy bass, High build quality, Comfortable earbuds
Cons: Balanced sound, so not ment for bass-heads, Semi L-shaped headphone jack (45 degrees)
The Tennmak Pro are dynamic drivers earphones, that are offering a great surrounding sound, which you don’t find much within this budget. The sound is characterized by a lot of detail, balance and accuracy. Furthermore, their design offer great comfort, that prevents the earphones from falling off. Let’s take a look at the Tennmak Pro Review.
The sound of the Tennmak Pro is of great quality, which can be described as a very balanced and detailed sound. Whereas a lot of other earphones always have a emphasis on a certain frequency range, the Tennmak Pro delivering a really balanced out sound. First of all, the bass offers great depth and is punchy. However, it’s present on the right level. Bass-heads may prefer other earphones, since these earphones are really detailed and focused on a balanced sound. The mid’s are also great, with a detailed sound they are able to produce clear vocals without being pushed into the back. The mid’s are more likely to be over-presenting then under-presenting. Finally the high’s are smooth and crispy, and really on the right level. Other earphones sometimes have high’s that are not pleasant to listen too. Something what characterized these earphones, is that all sounds (lows, high’s and mids) are really balanced and pleasant to listen too. No overpresenting bass that pushes away other sounds, detailed mid’s and the right high’s. All in all, for this price one of the most accurate earphones I have listened too!
Design & Build Quality
The Tennmak Pro are fitting really nice. Due to its design, they are fitting really secure, which make them nice for working-out. The construction of the Tennmak Pro also looks and feel really solid. The earbuds are made of translucid plastic. Also the Tennmak Pro’s have a detachable cable, that is feeling thick and solid which provides it’s a really premium look and feel. The headphone jack is semi-L shaped (it’s in a 45 degrees way), which is for me a bit down side, because I prefer the L-shaped plugs. Putting the cable back tot he earbuds can be a bit of a struggle, I advice to do this carefully since it can be a bit hard.
The shape of the Tennmak Pro’s make them really comfortable. They stick greatly in your ears, without falling out due to the end of the earbud cable. These cables are pre-shaped on the ends, which causes that they really stay on their place. The earbuds can be easily inserted into your ears, and stay comfortable over time, which makes it great for long listening sessions.
Overall the Tennmak Pro’s deliver great value for money! On the market these are the best dual drivers you can find for the money. The balanced sound the Tennmak Pro’s deliver, is something really great within this price range. For me they beat the KZ ATE easily, and compared to the KZ ZS3 it depends on the sound you prefer. If you prefer a well balanced sound, you should stop searching and buy the Tennmak Pro’s. If you more the bass-head kind of type the KZ ZS3 will maybe suite you better. Personally, I prefer these over the KZ ZS3. All in all, if you are looking for a dual driver earphone, you should really try these ones out. Hopefully you enjoyed reading the Tennmak Pro review!

AliExpress link: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/NJi6qFU

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Does it dethrone the KZ ZS6,? I follow your reviews to buy chinese earphones always. I prefer neutral signature with proper attack and decay.
Honestly unless we received two different products these are not balanced at all, very bassy instead.
Pros: Comfy
Warm sound sig means you can listen for hours
No sibilance
Good bass and mid bass
Thick mids
Cons: Average sound stage
Average treble
Will not inspire neutral/detail head-fiers

Dual Dynamic 6mm & 9mm
MMCx connectors
Cable: 1.2 m with Mic ( 45 degree tip )
Resistance: 16Ω
Price : $26.63

- S,M,L ear tips
- Rubber Casing


This is the first IEM that got me started in level chi-fi. Reason being there's not many branded IEM that uses dynamic drivers. Mostly they prefer to use BA but recently Dynamic Drivers are making a coming back ( similar to Vinyl ) because of it's expertise in the lower end (bass) of the sound spectrum.

The reason DD has better bass is due to the large drivers that is able to move more air volume. Imagine bookshelves vs floorstanders, who has the better bass? Of course it's the latter

The IEM is easy to drive and comes with a rubber casing. Besides that, the stock cable comes with a MIC which is useful for smartphone users.

To the unitiated it looks very much like Shure 215 and according to some Head-Fi-ers, it's much better than Shure which costs $99.

It's pretty comfortable as the IEM is quite small as compared to the KZ ZS5 ( current Flavor of the Month ).

Regarding the FIT, like any IEM, it must be sealed properly in order to obtain a much fuller sound with good bass. As I have JVC Spiral Tips on hand, I used them instead of the stock ones. It gave me a better seal ( a few db isolation from the environment and it gave me significantly improved bass )

You may also tape the vents to increase the mid and sub bass. It's a free upgrade, why try if effort is low and returns are huge :)


In general, the sound signature is dark/warm and one can listen to the Tennmak without any fatigue for long hours. Sound stage is slightly above average.

Bass is punchy ,controlled and taut with emphasis at the mid bass. Minimal sub bass but it sounds thick due to the mid bass bump.

Vocals are forward and thick and it would appeal to those that like it forward.

Warm signature, No sibilance with good enough details. If you're a detail freak, you might not like this IEM.

It's a dark IEM with emphasis on the bass and thick mids. Due to SE215 inspired design, it's very comfortable and it's ( safe ) sound signature will appeal to most of us as I keep picking up this IEM eventhough I owned the MEMT X5, ZS5 , Xiaomi Pro HD.

I would suggest getting the JVC Spiral Dots and do the vent mod and pair it with a neutral/brighter dac/amp.

Thanks for reading my review.
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Pros: Comfort, non-fatiguing sound signature, great cable and accessories
Cons: Lack of sub-bass, sparkly near-siblant treble


Tennmak is one of the better known Chi-fi brands here on head-fi and they have a few models that have a rather vocal following like the Crazy Cellos, you’ve surely seen name-dropped a few times on the IEM sub-forum, the Piano or the Dulcimer. One of the least talked about Tennmak models though has become and been, for the past few months, a comforting earphone that I find myself picking up, more often than not, over alternatives that by almost all measures sound better. This review is an exploration of why that is the case.


I purchased two units Tennmak Pro after hearing about them sharing a very similar shape with the Shure SE215 which when I was looking for an earphone that was comfortable to use with a motorcycle helmet or while lying down sideways on my bed. The first of the two units had its cover snap open after I removed my bike helmet and one of the wires inside the unit came off. It was easy enough to fix with a bit of solder, but nonetheless felt a bit disappointing (More on this the Build Quality part of this review). Despite being disappointed with what happened with their shell, I almost immediately ordered a second unit because the few days I spent without them made me miss them terribly in certain situations.

Preamble (about me)

I am 33 year old IT worker/manager who appreciates a wide range of music. Lately, I’ve been more inclined to listen to Soul/Hip Hop/Jazz (basically Nujabes’ work), Jazz (Frank by Amy Winehouse), Michael Jackson, Phill Collins, Florence + the Machine and whatever else catches my interest.

Build / Accessories / Pricing

At the time of writing the Tennmak Pro is priced at 23.05 euros with a basic MMCX cable and is available in dark translucent color or transparent enclosure.

The case has a nice understated design and is soft to the touchThe case can comfortably carry the earphone as long as my SMSL iDEA and its USB cable.

I found the packaging and accessories for this earphone to be rather generous. The box itself they come in is a rather typical cardboard box that features a simple but practical and tasteful presentation. Although I appreciate nice packaging, I prefer when a company’s efforts and budget are put into the product itself and things that might enhance it, and I’m glad to say that is the case with the Pro.

Inside the box you will find that they come with the rather standard array of 3 pairs of different-sized silicon tips, the earphone pieces, a cable and a very nice hard carrying case that can comfortably fit the Tennmak Pro and other accessories within a small net pocket on top side of the case.

cable - connector.jpgcable - plug.jpgcable - remote.jpgcable - y split.jpg
45 degree plugMMCX connector1 Button RemoteY split

The cable for the Tennmak Pro is one of my favourite earphone cables, out of all the ones I own. Unlike, for example, the stock KZ cables they are not springy nor have a lot of memory with a single light stretch usually being enough to straighten them out almost entirely.

The Y-splitter has ample strain relief which is matched by the rather outstanding 45 degrees angled stereo plug that is thin enough, I believe, to fit in most devices even with cases.

The other end of the cable has ear guides which help keep the Pros in place rather securely and don’t provide any sort of discomfort, at least to my ears.

In terms of build quality, the earpieces are built of a darkened semi-translucent plastic and the two shell pieces are held together by attrition of three very thin plastic tips. I know these because one of my units unfortunately opened after I removed my helmet after a relatively short trip. I don’t know exactly what caused them to come apart, whether it was the excessive pressure of the helmet or if I inserted the helmet in a bad way. This is the first earphone I’ve ever had this issue with and I’m not entirely sure if I can blame Tennmak because testing such a thing with other earphones is simply not feasible. My second unit has not ever come separated despite being used in the same manner as the first so perhaps it was just human error on my part.

The MMCX connectors despite not having failed on me yet felt slightly lose from the start and the cable will rotate around the connector without much effort. On Tennmak’s store page they mention that the newest version of the Pro has a tighter connector but that isn’t the case with my units. With that said, I’ve had no sound issues with the MMCX connector, despite having to solder the first unit that broke, the sound exhibits absolutely no issues even when I try to rotate the earphone cable.

Fit / Comfort / Isolation

earphone - nozzle.jpgearphone - profile.jpg
My, my... what a big nozzle you haveObligatory profile picture

Although they won’t gain any points for originality, the Tennmak Pro’s design and fit feels very reminiscent of Shure’s SE line of earphones. That is to say that these are by far the most comfortable earphones I have. No other earphones come close to offering the level of comfort these do.

Because of their rounded shape and relatively long nozzle, they reach slightly deeper into my ear canal without any point becoming uncomfortable. It should be noted, for the purpose of this review, that people with slimmer ear-canals might not find these as comfortable as I do.

Because the Pro don’t stick out of your ear immensely and have an almost negative profile when they are being worn you can comfortably using lying down on your bed sideways or with a motorcycle-helmet over them.

Earphone comfort/isolation/tips is a personal matter that will vary on a case by case basis but I am rather confident that most people would have a, more-than-adequate seal and comfort with the Tennmak Pro and I can say that more assuredly than I can for any other earphone I own and use. For anyone curious about which tips I prefer to use, I like to use the KZ “starline” tips which are available on many stores on Aliexpress like ****.

Sound Quality

Not only are the Tennmak unique for their shape and comfort, within my selection of earphones, but they have a signature that is unlike any other earphone or headphone I have.

The Pro have a weak sub-bass to mid-bass response which lends them a cold characteristic to the sound with some tracks. With that said, what little bass response there is can be improved with the usage of Comply foam tip and/or deeper insertion into the ear canal. In bass-heavy tracks, I found that despite the weak response the bass is well controlled and doesn’t bleed into the other frequencies which lends itself well to the crispness of the sound.

Speaking of crispness, the mids and highs have a rather crisp detail that is impressive, though not unprecedented, at this price range. Vocals feel forward and lively, whether they are male or female, whether the voices are high-pitched or deep, strong or weak I’ve found the Tennmak Pro rather nice at resolving vocal details without without being recessed or overbearing.

The soundstage feels rather thin on the Pro but there is a decent instrument separation. Despite others commenting on how they can at times sound congested, particularly with bass, I found it very hard to feel any sort of sound congestion with them.

The highs are fairly bright and sparkly and can at times go near sibilancy, but for the most part they are controlled in their and have never reached a point that made them uncomfortable for me. I can wear and listen to music on the Pro all day long without any sort of hearing fatigue.

To put it in a short sentence, I find that to my ears the Tennmak Pro’s sound is cold, crisp and comfortable.


With everything said and done, the Tennmak Pro are an extremely comfortable and easy-to-listen-to earphone that will please most people that appreciate laid-back sound signatures or just want a good-sealing or very comfortable earphone to use whenever they want.

If you don’t like cold sound signatures perhaps these won’t be the best earphones for you. If you aren’t one of those people, the Tennmak Pro are very easy to recommend within their price range and remain an unique option, in terms of sound signature, among the selection of other affordable chi-fi IEMs I own.

While I pickup and listen to other IEMs on and off for periods of time, I always have a Tennmak Pro at hand even if it's only to listen to music in bed for a few minutes until I fall asleep and there are few earphones I can say that about.
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Do you know which Comply Foam tips are compatible?